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Anna Jay dumps her family in Ruby Soho & Cool Hand Ang love story

Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change. Anna Jay was dragged into the soap opera love story between Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Ang, but she wasn’t happy about. In fact, Anna decided to dump her wrestling family over the matter.

The chapter heading into Rampage was fallout from Saraya’s evil scheme for Harley Cameron to kiss Cool Hand on video tape. When pressed by Ruby, Harley lied and put the blame on Anna as the conniving mastermind behind the plot.

Ruby confronted Anna backstage to set up the match. Anna denied the accusation and warned Ruby to look at her inner circle.

Prior to the contest, Cool Hand approached Anna for clarity that she was not involved in any scheme with Harley. Anna appropriately responded by slapping Ang. She was insulted that he would even question it. They have been through a lot over the years as a wrestling family, but that was the last straw. Anna declared that she’s rolling solo from now on. The hurt in Anna’s eyes was palpable.

Fast forward to the big fight. Saraya and Harley ran rampant with interference until they were ejected. That’s when Anna turned the tide for victory. She was sure to proclaim a message of innocence right before slapping the Queen Slayer choke on Ruby for victory.

It’s a shame when love causes so much torment. Saraya’s dirty deeds are tearing relationships apart. The latest turns in this saga have produced potential for a lot of great moments moving forward. Imagine Cool Hand and Ruby finally becoming a couple, Cool Hand reuniting with his wrestling sister Anna on good terms, and, best of all, the chickens coming home to roost for Saraya’s behavior.

Share your reaction to this week’s events in the love story between Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Angelo Parker.

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