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AEW Unresolved Mysteries debut investigates Danhausen

Danhausen is a mysterious fellow. So mysterious that AEW developed a special project to delve into his peculiar mind. Introducing the debut of AEW Unresolved Mysteries.

Host Dilbert Stackhausen tackled the big question to discover the reason for Danhausen’s absence in most of 2023. The answer isn’t surprising for those that scour wrestling news. Danhausen was healing from a torn pectoral muscle. Don’t worry about that spoiler ruining the video. There is plenty to enjoy from the large range of characters in Danhausen’s past.

For example, did you know Danhausen’s mother is named Bernadette?

AEW Unresolved Mysteries

Childhood friend Retesh Jenkins noticed Danhausen’s penchant to collect loose teeth during games of sport.

AEW Unresolved Mysteries

Press play, and enjoy the wackiness of AEW Unresolved Mysteries.

The main takeaway from this investigation is that Danhausen is very nice and very evil. Oh, he also cursed the entire roster for the Spite Tour 2024 to be on the top of AEW no matter who he has to step on. That sounds like Danhausen is medically cleared and ready to compete in the ring again. Bring on Samoa Joe!

Are you excited for Danhausen’s return to the ring? Which mysteries would you like to see AEW investigate next?

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