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AEW Collision recap & reactions (Jan. 20, 2024): Bryan Danielson spits in Eddie Kingston’s face

AEW Collision (Jan. 20, 2024) emanated from Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, MO. The show featured Bryan Danielson spitting in the face of Eddie Kingston, the next chapter in FTR feuding with House of Black, the formation of a supergroup, and more.

Catch up on all the Collision details with top-notch play-by-play from Geno Mrosko.

Saturday night is alright for fighting.

Blackpool Combat Club make a statement

The Blackpool Combat Club bookended the show. Jon Moxley opened in singles action, while Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli closed in a tag team bout. Statements were made physically, verbally, bluntly, and disrespectfully.

Moxley competed against Shane Taylor in a slugfest. Taylor showed nifty head movement in ducking punches, then he goozled Mox for a two-handed chokeslam. Taylor was slow to cover and got caught in a triangle choke. Taylor lifted Moxley to escape via slam. Mox was back on the attack with strikes to soften Taylor for a rear naked choke. Moxley transitioned to a bulldog choke forcing Taylor to pass out.

After the match, Moxley cut an ornery promo. He was angry and hungry. Mox won’t be taking crap. To anyone who wants to called a colleague or teammate, keep up.

That was a quality opener to set the tone for the evening. Taylor is a wrestler who needs more activity, and this was a nice test for him. Taylor went toe-to-toe with Moxley to show he is capable of hanging with the best. Mox’s speech was interesting in that commentary wondered if seeds were planted for dissension among the Blackpool Combat Club. I didn’t take it that way. To me, it came across as a challenge to any potential opponents or recruits. With all these groups forming, BCC could definitely use another member or two. I’m also curious what this means for Moxley’s direction. He’s not in any of the title pictures, so AEW will need to line up a super fight to keep his character satisfied.

Danielson and Claudio were ready for another fight with Kingston. Danielson mocked the Mad King’s success. Losing to Kingston was the low point of his career, while it was the highlight of Kingston’s career. That good run doesn’t make Kingston great. He needs to do it year after year to be on their level.

Ortiz spoke about mending fences with Kingston. Families fight, and they put the past behind them. The BCC are a well-oiled machine, but they aren’t brothers. Kingston acted a surly jerk ragging on being bothered to do this interview.

For the main event, they worked the crowd often with Danielson and Kingston playing mind games to see whose cheering section was louder. Claudio’s big swing is always good for a pop.

The bout progressed with standard tag team wrestling. For the closing sequence, Danielson trapped Ortiz in the LeBell Lock. Claudio prevented Kingston from making the save by pulling Kingston’s crotch into the rope. Ortiz was able to reach the ropes for the break. Danielson turned up the heat to kick Ortiz’s head in. He taunted Kingston before exploding into a Busaiku Knee to pin Ortiz. After the win, Danielson spit in the face of Kingston.

This match was a little underwhelming for a main event. The action was fine, but we all knew it was setting up for Ortiz to take the loss. I was wondering why AEW booked this bout, and it became clear with Danielson’s act of disrespect. The feud with Kingston is clearly not over. That moment provided enough heat to reignite the sizzle for a rematch.

Let’s jam through the rest of Collision.

Adam Copeland defeated Dante Martin. Cope Open challenge. Martin banged his head on the ring post early in the match. Even though Martin still hit some high-flying moves, his equilibrium was not fully centered. For the finish, Martin wasn’t steady on the ropes for a springboard dive. A slight delay to catch balance allowed time for Copeland to regroup and spear Martin out of the air. Copeland slapped on the Grindhouse submission to win.

That was a cool finish with the spear, and I like how the action told a story centered around Martin’s equilibrium. Copeland leaned into it with focus on grinding Martin’s head. I appreciate the fresh matchmaking the Cope Open has provided.

Afterward, Copeland spoke about the open challenge getting harder every week. He noticed no veterans answering the call. It’s been young and hungry challengers. Copeland will continue to work hard until he takes the TNT Championship from Christian Cage. Also of note, it was later announced that Minoru Suzuki will answer the Cope Open on Dynamite. Damn!

Dante Martin had other business as well. Private Party interrupted Top Flight’s interview to brag about their tag team win. If Private Party are so confident, then Top Flight wanted to run it back.

Thunder Rosa defeated Queen Aminata. Feisty aggression in this competitive bout. Thunder blasted a shotgun dropkick to finish with the Tijuana bomb.

This was Thunder’s first singles match since returning from injury. She looked good bringing fire and intensity. Aminata continued to deliver strong in her recent surge of matches. Seeing Aminata so active these past few weeks makes me wonder why Mariah May hasn’t wrestled since her debut win over the queen. AEW hyped up May, and now she’s just a blip on the radar. That’s an example of how their start and stop booking hinders momentum.

Bang Bang Scissor Gang unite. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass proposed a super club with Bullet Club Gold. Holding trios and six-man titles are not their ceiling. Together, they would be unstoppable. Jay White huddled his boys, then they scissored the Acclaimed in agreement.

The more knuckleheads the merrier. This should be an amusing formation of talent. I’m curious how their paths move forward, because I don’t see any of their goals coming true within the next few months. Perhaps the ball starts moving on payback for the Undisputed Kingdom. There’s a good chance that group adds another title to its standing once Roderick Strong wrestles Orange Cassidy for the AEW International Championship.

Daniel Garcia defeated Buddy Matthews. House of Black were ringside, so FTR came out to prevent any funny business. Tensions were high throughout. Matthews tweaked his knee early, and that limited his agility. Garcia focused on the injury with a figure-four on the ring post, chop blocks, and a Sharpshooter. Garcia leaned too far back, so Matthews snatched his head to smash into the mat for the escape. Matthews fired up for jumping knees and a jackhammer suplex. Garcia danced in defiance before taking another knee strike. When Matthews tried to win on a powerbomb, Garcia escaped for a jackknife pin to earn victory.

Immediately after the match, the House of Black attacked. FTR rushed in, and a donnybrook exploded. The ROH locker room emptied to try and restore peace, but they had a tough time stopping the fights. It was later announced that FTR & Garcia will compete against House of Black in an elimination cage match next week.

That was a rocking bout with athleticism and creativity. Garcia picked up another win to further elevate his rise this year. The post-match activities were fun chaos, and I love the idea for next week’s final clash. Elimination cage match is a unique stipulation worthy of the feud. The elimination aspect adds an extra layer of suspense.

Roderick Strong defeated Matt Sydal. Roddy stifled Sydal’s speed with backbreaker offense, and it was a backbreaker that finished the job.

Solid outing from Strong to continue his winning streak toward the title showdown with Cassidy.

Notes: Toni Storm admitted that she remembers Deonna Purrazzo. She was envious of the Virtuosa’s technical prowess. Storm busted out some rhymes with the message that she will beat Purrazzo.

The AEW rankings return in 2024.

Stud of the Show: Jon Moxley

Mox brings the thunder against the baddest around.

Match of the Night: Daniel Garcia vs. Buddy Matthews

Lots of quality picks on this evening. I’m siding with Garcia and Matthews for the heated aggression.

Grade: B

Good fights, and angles were boosted to create exciting directions.

Share your thoughts about Collision. How do you rate it? What were your favorite moments from the show?

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