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Tony Khan announces the return of the AEW Rankings

AEW’s YouTube

For roughly the first three years of its existence, AEW used a rankings system to help determine upcoming championship matches in each of its divisions. That rankings systems disappeared during the final four months of 2022, and it’s been gone ever since.

But those rankings are finally coming back now. Here is AEW President Tony Khan breaking that news tonight, while playing off his tweet from a couple nights ago about how 2024 will be an amazing year for AEW:

The Rankings are coming back to AEW going forward, starting this month!

@AEW is having a very exciting January, and this is only the beginning of an amazing 2024 for AEW and our fans.

Thank you all watching Saturday Night #AEWCollision right now on @TNTdrama!

Khan recently dumped on WWE for booking Jinder Mahal in a world title match despite winning zero matches in the last year, and defended his own booking of HOOK in an AEW world title match due to his 29-1 record. The return of the AEW rankings is perhaps Khan’s way of doubling down on that argument.

Do you think the return of AEW rankings will significantly change the booking of Dynamite and Collision? What adjustments do you hope to be seen in the new rankings system? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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