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AEW Collision results, live blog (Jan. 20, 2024): Jon Moxley returns


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Dec. 23) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from St. Louis’ Chaifetz Arena, and feature the company’s continuing build toward March’s Revolution PPV.

That will include the return of Jon Moxley for the first time since losing the Continental Classic final at Worlds End. Mox will face Shane Taylor. Meanwhile, the man that beat him for the Continental Crown — Eddie Kington — teams with Ortiz to take on Mox’s Backpool Combat Club teammates Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli!

Plus, Adam Copeland will throw out another open challenge as The Cope Open rolls on, Daniel Garcia goes one-on-one with House of Black’s Buddy Matthews, Thunder Rosa will have her first singles match in almost 18 months... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Going right into it with the big return.

Jon Moxley vs. Shane Taylor

Physical match. Moxley taking a beating early, big punches and chops. Taylor having his way, and Moxley fighting from behind. Taylor beat on him quite a bit but Moxley always fought back and eventually he put him in a choke hold and wouldn’t let go. Taylor fought against it for a while but eventually he went out.

Moxley def. Taylor via submission

Moxley celebrated to cheers, sitting on the corner turnbuckle. He grabbed a microphone and told the fans that right now he’s pissed off beyond belief. He’s hungry beyond belief too. From this moment on, he is not taking any crap from anyone or anything in the year 2024. Anyone who wants to step to him or call themselves a teammate or a colleague of his they only gotta do one thing — keep the hell up.

Nigel McGuinness wondered what his teammates think of a comment like that.

It’s time next for the Cope Open.

Adam Copeland vs. Dante Martin

Top Flight’s Martin answered the call, and Copeland smiled and seemed pleased with it. A handshake to show respect before starting. Martin struck his head on the turnbuckle early on and Copeland focused on it. When he went for the spear, Martin avoided it and nearly won with a moonsault but they were too close to the ropes and Edge got the feet up on them. He also kicked out of a big sunset flip powerbomb. Martin went up top and tried to fly high but landed into a spear, which was followed by the crossface for the tap.

Copeland def. Martin via submission

Tony Schiavone got in the ring to talk to Copeland after the match. He said it gets harder and harder every week, what was he thinking doing this open challenge thing. He gave Martin all the credit in the world and said the fans should too. The kids have been stepping up, not the veterans, because they’ve been wanting to take a bite out of him and there’s a lot to bite.

He vowed to keep coming out and working hard, just like Christian Cage claimed he was going to when he first came to AEW. He said he’ll keep working hard until he regains the TNT championship and the people can see it defended proper.

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli backstage interviewed. Danielson said he was feeling good until they brought up his loss to Eddie Kingston. That’s probably the highlight of Eddie’s career, ironically, but he’s not great after having a good run. Being great means doing it year after year like he and Claudio have but Eddie has hit his ceiling.

Castagnoli said it’s Ortiz’s fault for being friends with him and tonight he’s just going to be a casualty.

After a break, we go backstage to Lexi talking to Dante Martin with Top Flight but Private Party shows up to argue with them. They set up a match for later on.

Thunder Rosa vs. Queen Aminata

As noted many times, this was Rosa’s first singles match in 18 months. She was all over Aminata early. They exchanged some heavy forearms to the chest, and Aminata got a few big shots in for a pretty good near fall but Rosa battled through each bit of adversity to hit the Tijuana Bomb for the three count.

Rosa def. Aminata via pinfall

Ortiz and Kingston interviewed backstage. Ortiz said that although it’s been a while since they’ve teamed up, they put everything behind them because they’re brothers. And while Claudio and Bryan might be a well oiled machine they aren’t brothers.

Eddie was agitated about always getting interviewed while he needs to get ready, so he says a few words and then rushes off to get ready to fight.

Bullet Club Gold hits the scene and they mock The Rock with a “finally the Bang Bang Gang has come back to Saturday night.”

Jay White said they haven’t heard a saying like that before. Good stuff.

They feel the different vibe now that they’re back on Saturday night but there’s something missing still. They go under the ring and pull out a life size cardboard cutout of Juice Robinson. Loud chants for him.

Now that the gang is back together, they say, if you’re not down with that they got just two words for ya.

The Acclaimed hit the scene at this point. No rap from Max Caster, with Daddy Ass instead saying they just wanted to congratulate them for being ROH six-man champions but The Acclaimed are trios champs. Caster takes the mic and asks them to think about being a supergroup. They would be unstoppable in the ring, in the back, and especially where it counts, with the people.

Caster says the people want to see Daddy Ass win singles gold. They also want to see The Acclaimed win tag titles. And they also want to see Jay as the world heavyweight champion. The crowd starts up a chant for “Bang Bang Scissors Gang.”

Anthony Bowens doesn’t want the runaround anymore, they want an answer now, both for themselves and for the fans. He asks the fans if they want to see them unite. They respond with loud cheers.

Scissors up.

Guns up.

It could be them every week.

The Bang Bang Scissors Gang.

Bullet Club Gold seems to ponder the offer. They move forward like they’re going to scissors. Then they stop and move back to huddle up and talk it over. They turn again and then scissors!

The formation of the Bang Bang Scissors Gang. A truly historic night.

Buddy Matthews vs. Daniel Garcia

Daddy Magic on commentary, putting over Garcia beating Brody King recently and if he can beat Matthews here he should be in TNT title contention. Before the match can start, FTR makes an entrance to make sure the numbers are even. Garcia got the edge early and House of Black hopped the apron. Again, though, FTR was right there to keep it even. Huge piledriver on the apron, nearly didn’t make the count. Big back and forth from there. Garcia continually getting the advantage. Sharpshooter to a big pop but Matthews got out. Buddy came back and took control, leaving Garcia on his knees beaten up but still doing the dance. Shortly after, he managed to roll Matthews up to get the pin.

Garcia def. Matthews via pinfall

Immediately, House of Black hopped the ring and FTR did the same. A big brawl broke out. A bunch of security and members of the roster came piling out of the locker room to try to break things up but the fighting continued all in and around the ring.

After a break, they find FTR and Garcia backstage. Dax Harwood says maybe they should end it next week in a six-man elimination style tag match in a cage.

Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal

A lot of back-and-forth, push and pull. Sydal had a few moments but when the time came, Strong, who had been working the back, hit a big high knee and then the End of Heartache for the three count.

Strong def. Sydal via pinfall

Main event time.

Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston & Ortiz

Loud “Eddie” chants to start. Danielson just smiles at him, and then plays to the crowd himself, getting a good response. Kingston responds by doing the same and he, too, gets a big response. They continue the “Eddie” chants. They make like they’re finally going to lock up and Danielson waves him off to play to the crowd once more. Another big response. Kingston again responds in kind, getting another big response himself.

Quite the game.

Your standard tag team match ensues. Kingston did his machine gun chops in the corner to Claudio and that makes me laugh every time, I must say. They started flying all around late in the match. Danielson got Ortiz in the omoplata and Kingston couldn’t get to him, but he got racked by Claudio and Danielson came off to taunt him. Then he pinned Ortiz right in front of him.

Danielson & Castagnoli def. Kingston & Ortiz

Kingston apologized to Ortiz as he was laid out after the match. Danielson talked trash to Kingston and then said he wouldn’t hold the titles for long and he spat in his face.


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