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The Bang Bang Gang win gold... with help from The Acclaimed

Mogul Embassy’s Brian Cage & Gates of Agony put their Ring of Honor Six-Man titles on the line against Bullet Club Gold on the Jan. 17 AEW Dynamite.

The champs are used to having the numbers advantage courtesy of their stablemates, or their manager Prince Nana. But tonight it was the challengers who got outside help... even thought they didn’t ask for it, or even know it was happening.

See, since both groups were attacked by the group that’s since been revealed as The Undisputed Kingdom, AEW Trios champs The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass have been pitching an alliance. They pitched the idea a couple weeks back:

And tonight, when Nana was about to clock Jay White with a belt to ensure victory for his side, Anthony Bowens ran in to put a stop to things.

A short time after that, White hit Bishop Kaun with Bladerunner to win the match and the belts. Switchblade and The Gunns realized The Acclaimed assisted in the victory, but they still aren’t sure about the whole Bang Bang Scissor Gang thing.

Personally, I hope the skip the alliance and just face each other to unify the belts at Revolution. Let us know what you think, and get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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