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The Young Bucks address the rumors, explain why they need to be Sting’s last opponents


Last Wednesday, The Young Bucks returned — with a new look! — to interrupt Sting before he could tell Tony Schiavone who he & Darby Allin will face in The Icon’s final match at March’s Revolution PPV. All signs point to that meaning Matt & Nick Jackson being those opponents. And even after word spread they were handpicked by Sting for the match, that was something The Bucks’ detractors were not happy about.

We hadn’t heard from Matt & Nick since then (just “sources close to them”), but we did on the Jan. 17 Dynamite. Or should I say, we heard from AEW EVPs Nicholas and Matthew Jackson.

That’s what the Bucks wanted Renee Paquette to address them as during their sitdown interview. Paquette ran through some of the on-screen behavior we’ve seen from the Jacksons as they were going through their latest heel turn, and also asked about “the rumors”. That was an opening to make some references to the tumultuous backstage environment we’ve heard about at AEW for the past couple years, and how Nicholas and Matthew have no regrets about fighting to preserve their legacies.

It also was an opening to make allusions to a current WWE wrestler being a cancerous presence in the AEW locker room. And that was a way to transition back to Sting. The EVPs stressed that Stinger isn’t a malignant force like that other guy they were referring to. But he is the past, and if they’re going to get back to their mission of changing the wrestling world... he had to go.

They wouldn’t ask anyone to do something they won’t do themselves. But they also wouldn’t commit to challenging Sting & Allin for Mar. 3 in Greensboro, North Carolina either. They’ll get back to us, though... right now they have a meeting to get to.

Did this meta-heel interview change your mind about the Bucks being in Sting’s last match? Or about them in general?

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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