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CJ Perry provides an update on MRSA infection, surgery

Days ago, CJ Perry passed along word that she was headed back to the hospital due to some complications related to her MRSA infection. The fear was she would need another surgery to fix the issue.

Now, she’s back with an update:

“I had a relapse with my MRSA infection because the antibiotics stopped working. I had to be rushed to the hospital. The surgeon basically dug scabs and flesh and pus and skin and everything out the last couple days, to the point that the doctor’s like ‘I need blood!’ … So I knew that I needed to do what we needed to do so she put an IV in my hand with a really long needle. She said it was going to feel like fire and literally fire felt stinging sensation go up my arm. It lasted for about five minutes and then it went numb. So, but that’s good news. She said it was good news that it was that. And then she dug more and she started to see blood. She said we’re heading in the right direction. So every single day for the next week I have to clean out the dressing, I have to clean out the scab… well, I don’t clean out the scab, I have to put the dressing in. And then almost every day I’m going back to the surgeon for them to evaluate it. I’m taking the antibiotics.”

The good news is that she seems to once again be recovering well and is very happy the antibiotics are working for her again. Here’s to hoping treatment continues on this path and there are no further complications.

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