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CJ Perry mentions ‘full blown second surgery’ on her infected finger in latest health update

AEW manager CJ Perry (fka Lana in WWE) had surgery and spent five days in the hospital last month due to a MRSA infection in her finger. Yesterday, Perry said she was on her way back to the hospital due to complications during the healing process, and she would let everyone know if she needed a second surgery.

With that in mind, here are Perry’s latest updates on her health today, where she mentions a second surgery is coming next week. You can click through the gallery to see what her finger looked like as of last night.

Karma is purring in my lap …. But worth it to make sure @andradealmas was sent off properly at #AEWWorldsEnd @aew. Second surgery next week. Draining mersa daily.
Flesh and scabs cut out of my finger again today. Antibiotics again. Possible full blown second surgery next week but I would risk it all again for my ex clients, future clients and current clients.

As far as CJ’s future clients are concerned, she already has her eyes on HOOK and Samoa Joe whenever she returns to AEW programming:

At least she’s in good spirits and joking about the whole ordeal on social media, while we await her next update and continue to hope for the best.

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