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DJ Whoo Kid witnessed Punk vs. Perry backstage at All In, and he’s not under NDA

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - September 20, 2022 Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

We’ve heard so much about people being under non-disclosure agreements regarding the altercation between CM Punk & The Elite backstage after All Out 2022 (with the notable exceptions of Ace Steel’s wife and maybe Chris Jericho), we just assumed any and everyone who witnessed the dust-up between Punk & Jack Perry at All In last August signed one too.

But seeing as that fight happened in gorilla position and not in a private locker room, there were a lot more people around. And not everyone was a Tony Khan employee. Some might have been there just to play Swerve Strickland to the ring, for instance.

That’s why G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid was backstage at Wembley Stadium on Aug. 27. And while he wasn’t particularly versed on the backstory (or the AEW roster), he knows what he saw — and doesn’t seem to be any restrictions about sharing his account.

It’s what he did while talking to Sam Roberts & Jim Norton yesterday (Jan. 9).

Whoo Kid: You already know what happened in the back. It was straight brawl city. So I’m not gonna talk about that — the blood, killing, and death...

Roberts: Well, I don’t know if there were any murders, per se [laughs].

Whoo Kid: You might as well say it [laughs]

Norton: Who had a fight backstage?

Roberts: There was a fight that led to the firing of CM Punk at that show [All In]...

Whoo Kid: And I was right there.

Roberts: ... that has since led to the return of CM Punk to WWE. so it worked out alright for him. [Sam clarifies for Jim that the fight happened in AEW, not WWE]

Whoo Kid: Cause we were next, so they put us like, to be ready to go.

Norton: He had a physical altercation?

Whoo Kid: Oh my God...

Roberts: Yeah — I don’t know how much has been reported. There’s a lot of rumors, but yes. [Sam explains the fight was with Jack Perry, who is a wrestler and the late Luke Perry’s son. He also fills Jim in on Perry & Punk’s previous issues, and Jack calling Punk out about them during his pre-show match. Sam also deduces that Punk won the fight, or “came out okay”, since he didn’t look marked up when he came out for his match.]

Whoo Kid: So it was ongoing, they told me. It had been like an ongoing [Sam confirms, and generally explains the AEW backstage scene for the year-plus leading up to All In. He also clarifies that Punk was fired, but Perry was not]

Whoo Kid: But think about it. It was like the biggest moment for AEW, and I guess he was trying to sabotage that moment.

Norton: CM Punk was?

Whoo Kid: He wasn’t trying to go out there [to wrestle Samoa Joe to open the PPV]. That’s when — I’m in the middle like, you know me — I’m in the fly on the wall... It was very intense. You know, I always thought it was fake and all this shit... It’s more real...

Norton: Punches thrown?

Whoo Kid: Punches? Like it was wrestling back there. Like DDT, everything... alright, I’m exaggerating, but the shit that’s crazy is there was a yelling moment where he was like “Yo, fuck this shit! This is our moment, everybody get the fuck out there and do your shit. And Iw as like, I don’t know how to wrestle, but I was about to go out there... It was very intense, man. I always respect wrestling after I saw that...

Norton: Who said that, ‘this is our moment’?

Whoo Kid: Who’s that — the big guy... the Hawaiian [guy], the Hawaiian lookin’ [guy]...

Norton: But it wasn’t CM Punk.

Whoo Kid: Nah, but it was a guy who was goin’ HAM. And I was just like, ‘Oh shit’

Most of that lines up with the reports we’ve already gotten [there were A LOT of them, Sam], with the Hawaiian lookin’ dude taking charge being Samoa Joe. The most interesting bit is probably Whoo Kid’s ascribing motive to Punk’s actions after the fight, but there’s no follow-up from Norton & Roberts for us to learn if that was his read or based on information he was told after the fight, and by who.

We’ll see if he ever feels like giving a more detailed version of what he saw. Unless maybe he gets an NDA in the mail tomorrow...

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