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Looks like Sting’s last match will be against... The Young Bucks?

The stars were out for the main event of the Jan. 10 AEW Dynamite, Sting’s last match in Jacksonville, Florida. Jim Ross was on hand to call the action, and Ric Flair preceded The Icon to the ring.

For this stop on the road to his retirement at Revolution on Mar. 3, Sting was teaming with his usual partner Darby Allin in a Tornado Tag match against Konosuke Takeshita & Powerhouse Hobbs of The Don Callis Family. The “anything goes” stipulation was used early and often. With Darby down after taking this being thrown into the ropes by both their opponents, even the Nature Boy got into the fight, chopping Hobbs and breaking out the eye poke before Sting saved him.

Allin wasn’t done with his signature brand of insanity, nailing Takeshita with a Coffin Drop from the seats to the stage.

That cleared the stage for Stinger to keep pace, nailing Powerhouse with a Scorpion Death Drop off a concrete wall through a pair of tables to win the match!

And that was just prelude to the big news. Tony Schiavone brought his friend to the ring to ask who his opponent or opponents will be in Greensboro at Revolution. Before he could answer, the rumored return of The Young Bucks happened.

Nothing was said, which left us plenty of time to take in Matt & Nick Jackson’s douchetastic new look. But the intention was clear. Thoughts on Sting’s last match being with Allin against The Bucks?

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