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Matt Riddle thinks a Goldberg match could happen in AEW, but isn’t in a rush to sign there

Brock Lesnar wasn’t the only legend Matt Riddle had a tense run-in with backstage at WWE. And while it doesn’t seem likely Riddle will ever get a one-on-one match with Lesnar, he still thinks one could with one William Goldberg.

During his recent Q&A with Signed by Superstars, that’s how Riddle referred to the Hall of Famer he trolled for years before they eventually seemed to come to an understanding.

“I, personally, would love to work with William. I think William Goldberg would be a great match. I think I could get something out of him that people haven’t seen in years. I think it’d be great for business. I know it’d be good for me.

“At the end of the day, if he wants to do it, he’ll do it. If he needs to do it, he’ll do it. There would be a couple places we could do that. Maybe AEW, maybe TNA, maybe New Japan. If it was going to happen, it would probably be AEW.”

AEW owner Tony Khan often talks about his friendship with Goldberg and hints that they could do business together someday, but nothing’s happened yet. Goldberg’s talked about putting on his own retirement tour, but lately has sounded like he might want to stick it to WWE... and might see working a few dates with TK as a way to do that.

But that would require Riddle to be in AEW. And the former mixed martial artist isn’t in a hurry to sign with Tony’s company. As he said in response to a question about becoming All Elite during the virtual signing:

“I feel like a lot of the talent when I got released [from WWE] were going to try to do that [join AEW]. I wanted to think outside the box and maybe not rush right back into doing TV matches. TV is a lot different than wrestling on pay-per-view or the Indies. There are commercials, they cut times, they change things.

“For me, right now, New Japan, MLW, the indies — I can display my art and I’m not under such a crunch of time or requirement. I have a lot more freedom. TNA isn’t out of the picture either. There are certain things I wanted to do. I really wanted to work in Japan and I made that a priority.”

Will William still be looking for one more match by the time Riddle’s ready to wrestle on TV again? Or could this match happen on PPV, with Riddle appearing as a New Japan-contracted talent? We shall see.

Until then, read up on Riddle’s claim that Lesnar told WWE he was winning the 2022 Royal Rumble match here.

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