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Malakai Black fires back at fan who claims he won’t ‘take a pin or put anyone over’

With Andrade El Ídolo’s AEW exit is confirmed, some turned their attention to another former WWE talent who’s failed to rise to the heights many expected him to in Tony Khan’s fed — Malakai Black.

Black’s time in AEW has at times seemed to frustrate him almost as much as it has his fans. The 38 year old Dutchman has held a championship in AEW, but it was the company’s Trios title (won with his House of Black teammates Brody King & Buddy Matthews). He’s addressed the fact Khan primarily books him in tag matches before, saying he doesn’t know why that’s the case.

But an X poster thought he did, responding to another who shared a list of how many singles match each HoB member competed in during 2023:

That’s what happens when you refuse to take a pin or put anyone over.

That came across Malakai’s timeline, and he had to respond:

Usually I don’t reply because these laughable takes from goofballs like this nerd is why this place is the equivalent of people opening their front doors and screaming their excrement laced opinions into the street, however: bullshit, never happened, isn’t a thing. Happy ny.

Black adds that that was his “tweet for 2024”.

And as far as I can recall, he’s right that his refusing to lose or take a pin “isn’t a thing”. There were reports of another member of the former-WWE-guys-in-AEW club not wanting to be booked to lose in a program (Miro), but nothing similar about Black. Malakai doesn’t lose or get pinned often, but when he only wrestles a few tag and trios matches a month it’s hard to use that as evidence.

But his response was trending on a holiday, so... there you have it.

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