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AEW Collision results, live blog (Sept. 9, 2023): All Out fallout


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Sept. 9) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, which will feature fallout from last Sunday’s All Out PPV and continued build for Sept. 20’s “Grand Slam” shows.

Tonight, Bryan Danielson speaks after his triumphant return in Chicago, Jon Moxley defends the International title against Action Andretti, and both semifinals in the World Title Eliminator Tournament go down when Roderick Strong takes on Darby Allin, and Samoa Joe battles Penta El Zero Miedo.

We’ll also hear from Women’s champion Saraya & her Outcasts partner Ruby Soho (presumably about their delusional teammate Toni Storm), and Trios champs The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass will get some mic time. TBD champ Kris Statlander has issued an open challenge for tonight, while Bullet Club Gold looks to continue their winning ways against Dios del Inframundo, Metalik, Aerostar & Gravity... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Here we go, folks, it’s an alright night for fighting and all that.

The usual pre-show quick promos from all the major players.

Jon Moxley Open Challenge for the AEW International Championship kicks us off.

Jon Moxley vs. Action Andretti

Moxley had a pre-match inset promo saying that Andretti facing him in Ohio is like wrestling Superman on the surface of the sun.

Huge chants for Moxley to start and the mics catch him saying “let’s fucking go” to Action. I love that pro wrestling is such that I get to write about a guy named “Action” and call him that.

Moxley out ahead early, completely no selling Andretti’s offense. It isn’t until a dive to the outside that he gets something going. He works some dropkicks, then a corkscrew. Moxley is suddenly selling his knee and commentary says it’s because he went down awkwardly.

Andretti follows him out and keeps control.

Commercial break.

We come back to Mox still selling the knee but regaining some footing with punches in the corner and then biting that man’s head. Shoot off reversed into the other corner but Andretti goes high and gets slammed for it for two.

Punches exchanged and Andretti off the ropes into a sleeper. He gets out and goes again for a dropkick. Misses the moonsault, some reversals, and a suplex for two. Andretti actually hanging with the champ now. Moxley tries a German up top but Andretti flips through it. A showdown and they exchange dropkicks in the corner.

Action gets the edge and kicks Moxley while he’s down but the champ kicks him off into a flip reversal into the sleeper for the tap.

Jon Moxley def. Action Andretti via submission to retain the International championship

They go into a video package showcasing the years long friendship between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole. Strong talks about how much it hurt that Cole has abandoned him when he needed him the most.

“You know how being alone makes me feel. You know what it does to me. But it’s fine. It’s totally fine. Because I’m going to go on and win the tournament. ... But I still won’t be happy. Because I just want my friend back.”

Impossibly serious music playing behind this.

Kris Statlander vs. Robyn Renegade

She said in an inset promo she plans to defend her title anywhere, on any show, because that’s what it means to be a fighting champion.

They exchange holds early and Statlander uses a tackle to take control. A German suplex leads to a forearm in the corner. She tried to hit the ropes and Charlette grabbed her leg, giving her sister a chance to take control. She does just that but the champ quickly fends her off and goes back into the running forearm followed by the running kick to the face.

Blue Thunder for two, because Charlette hopped in. Another distraction leads to a near fall with a surprise roll up but Statlander kept battling out. Robyn getting frustrated. Misses a kick in the corner. Statlander picks her up on the shoulders and drops her face first.

Statlander knocks Charlette over and follows up with a roll through pin on Robyn to retain her title.

Kris Statlander def. Robyn Renegade via pinfall to retain the TBS Championship

The sisters attack after the bell but they’re stopped short by a certain song hitting the speakers.

It’s Jade Cargill!

She’s back!

She easily puts down by Robyn and Charlette, smiling down at Statlander. “Welcome back” chants ring out. She helps Statlander to her feet only to plant her as well.

She picks up the title and makes clear she’s back for it, giving it a kiss before dropping it down on Statlander.

Renee Paquette backstage to chat with Saraya and Ruby Soho.

Ruby says it’s cute that Toni Storm talked about being forgetful cause she didn’t. She’s very upset. Saraya said she’s lost her mind and they need to smack some sense into her.

Renee asks about Saraya’s upcoming title defense.

She’s excited for it and she’s going to walk in as champion and walk out as champion.

Tony Schiavone backstage to talk to Claudio Castignoli and Eddie Kingston.

He wants to know what happened because they used to be close. Claudio claims he doesn’t know and Eddie instantly gets pissed at the claim. Kingston says Claudio left the indies without doing business with him and went to the land of make believe.

Eddie brings up Claudio meeting his parents and knowing how he is. Castagnoli asks who he thinks his parents would want him to be like.

Kingston says he’ll put the NJPW openweight title on the line in New York. Claudio wants a handshake and some respect from him. He’s willing to lose his title, and if he does it will be to a better man. But that’s not Kingston, and it never will be.

And he walks off.

But the match is made.

Tony says “thanks, Eddie,” and Eddie responds with “thank my ass” as he walks away.


Juice Robinson & The Gunns vs. Gravity & Aerostar & Inframundo

Colten Gunn first in and he does his thing until Juice gets in, to a big pop from the crowd. They chant his name while he throws punches, cheering big for each one.

Commercial break.

Gravity in trouble once we’re back but he gets enough offense in to tag Aerostar, who runs wild flying all around the ring knocking everyone off. He takes Inframundo in and he instantly gets taken down by Austin Gunn. The match breaks down and everyone gets in on everyone else.

Inframundo is all that’s left and it’s Juice Robinson who puts him down for the three count.

Juice Robinson & The Gunns def. Gravity & Aerostar & Inframundo via pinfall

CJ Perry gets her own version of what Miro does.

“I was your first casualty on the righteous road. You left me!”

She says Miro lost himself when he lost the TNT championship. She just wanted to surprise him last week and show him she would help him win the title back. But he was so stubborn, and not in the good way.

If he really wants to go down this path, she respects that. But it means she’ll have to go down hers.

She’s so torn. She sat on the sidelines for two years, tearing herself down, breaking herself apart, and asking herself if she has what it takes. And every part of her is yelling at her not to leave until she finds out.

She once was the coolest manager in all of wrestling, and she thinks she wants to do it again.

The Acclaimed promo talking about everything they’ve been up to. They’ve been all around the world, winning the trios titles, defending those titles, and even hanging out with Dennis Rodman. Next stop? New York City!

They won the tag titles there, and now it’s time to bring the trios titles there to defend those too.

They talk about going to all kinds of cities to continue taking over the world.


Rey Fenix vs. Angelico

Flying high early, with Fenix sending him out and following up with a big dive. They battle on the outside, with Fenix keeping control before throwing Angelico back in. He avoids Fenix coming off the top but still eats a few slaps. Some reversals in the corner and Angelico finally gets some measure of control.

Big backbreaker to give him a break. Fenix fights him off from underneath. In the corner, springboard, and shortly after he hits the big frog splash for two.

They go back and forth, and Angelico gets a near fall that has him shouting at the referee. A big punch knocks Fenix down but he kips up and gets a superkick.

Serpentico on the apron gets his head kicked off, and Fenix follows up with the rolling cutter. He only gets two. Picks up Angelico and piledrives him for the finish.

Rey Fenix def. Angelico via pinfall

Tony Schiavone is backstage with FTR.

Cash Wheeler runs down a list of the wrestlers they’ve beaten in AEW. The question now is who is the next team to step up.

Dax Harwood says he’s not sure they enjoy being off Collision, and they want to be in the main event. But they need more opponents, more challengers. So they want to do an open challenge for anyone to step up and prove their worth. If someone can do that, they’ll put the tag team titles on the line.

It’s time for one of the semifinals of the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinal.

Roderick Strong vs. Darby Allin

While Allin is trying to make his entrance, Luchasaurus attacks him backstage. Christian asks him if he’s in the world title eliminator tournament because he knows he can’t win the TNT championship. Then he vows to ensure Allin will never be a champion in AEW as long as Christian is there.

He tells Luchasaurus to finish him off, and he uses him as a dart and leaves him laid out.

Strong stands in the ring celebrating like he’s going to win via forfeit. Commentary indicates that’s probably going to happen.

Instead, Allin makes his way out, selling like crazy. Nick Wayne tries to pump him up.

He gets in the ring and immediately starts getting beat down. It isn’t long before he makes a comeback and a missile dive to the outside.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Strong is taking it to Allin on the outside. Back in and Darby uses a choke on the ropes to take control. He rolls Strong up for two. Allin with a crucifix pinfall attempt, then a jump over pinfall attempt for two on both. Strong steps through and then over for the STF. Allin fights out by getting to the bottom rope.

They battle on the top rope and Allin knocks him off. He sets up for the Coffin Drop but Strong knocks him off his perch. They fight up there until Strong slams him on the top turnbuckle, sending him toppling to the outside.

Commentary starts talking about someone needing to stop the match.

Commercial break.

Back and Allin has managed to get Strong weak on the outside. He hits the Coffin Drop there. AR Fox runs out to help Wayne fend off Strong’s help, giving Allin a chance to take it back to the ring. Darby eats a kick to the face but scores a deathdrop on the follow up. Both guys sell.

Fox tries to help Wayne and ends up taking him out on the outside and in the ring, Strong finishes off Allin.

Roderick Strong def. Darby Allin via pinfall to advance to World Title Eliminator Tournament finals

Wayne and Fox argue after the fact.

We get a video from Powerhouse Hobbs. He says every man has his limit and he took Miro to his. He proved he prays to no man but he looks to the book of Hobbs for guidance. This chapter is still unwritten but everyone will fall.

Keith Lee interviewed backstage. He’s asked about his plans to do things solo in Collision.

He says there are certain individuals who are avoiding him and if he has to get the work done somewhere, he will do it here. “I am the collision.” His advice? “Run.”


Tony Schiavone in the ring and he wants Cleveland to welcome the one and only Bryan Danielson.

Schiavone asks what is next for him.

He said he told his daughter that once she turned seven, he would start finishing up his career. And she’s currently six. He’s a man who keeps his promises, especially to the people he loves. So, time is running out.

The fans boo this. And then they chant “no” at him.

But that said, he will not go gently into that good night. If you think he will, you don’t know who the hell he is. He’s gonna kick everybody’s head in. Because if this is his last year, if this is his final year, this will be the most epic year of his career.

He’s calling his shot. His next one is this — WrestleDream on Oct. 1 in Seattle, he wants to fight Zack Sabre Jr.

Ricky Starks makes his way out with Big Bill. He says it’s fitting that Danielson is on Collision and he had to sit in catering once again. The attention always seems to fall on the other person. That’s why he whipped Ricky Steamboat’s ass. But after Sunday, he thinks he got everybody’s attention. Now he’s immortalized as the man, as the face of Collision, as the person who is going to do what Danielson could have never done in his entire career.

He’s talked about how he was given bread and breadcrumbs but he wanted a full course meal. He realized when Danielson didn’t tap him out, and he had to wake up in a crimson mask, he has graduated from being hungry to being greedy. He’s going to take and take and take because it’s in his nature.

“It is what I do.”

Danielson wishes he would have been a bit more patient because he wasn’t done yet. He says he saw what Starks has within him and he approves. He says the BCC believes if you want to be with them, you have to bleed with them. Starks reaches his hand out like they’re gonna shake and Big Bill attacks him. Starks acts like he’s upset about it, ripping him off — only to jump all over Danielson himself.

Moxley comes out to try to help but he gets taken out by Bill. Starks chokes Danielson out with a shirt, which appears to be a BCC shirt and it seems like he was going to be offered a spot in the crew.

But nope.

Starks and Bill leave with Mox and Danielson laid out.

After a commercial break, Schiavone announces Big Bill will get a shot against Moxley for the International championship next week on Dynamite. Bill says he just beat his ass now, and he’ll do it again next week and win the title.

Fenix enters the scene and says he’s next in line.

It’s main event time.

Samoa Joe vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

Jim Ross joins the call for this one. The winner gets Roderick Strong.

They start with a shoving match. Penta makes it known he has no fear, and Joe just rocks him anyway. Strong is shown watching backstage. He’s seeing Joe doing his thing early. Penta knocks him to the outside and hits the baseball slide. Joe does his walk away slow bit but Penta was ready and hits a slingblade to take him down.


They exchange chops on the outside. They do this for a while. Joe starts getting the worse of it so he pokes the eye. Penta goes under the ring to get a table just as they go to break.

Commercial break.

Coming back and Penta still in control but back in the ring. He goes for the double foot stomp from up top but Joe moves out of the way and uses a back elbow to regain control. He gets two off that.

Joe with snake eyes in the corner. Knee to the back and he stretches Penta with a smile. He takes his time with Penta, who tries a comeback but gets snuffed out.

Penta gets a kick in the corner and follows up with a pinfall attempt for two. Joe comes back now and once again tries to walk away from Penta flying. Again, though, Penta was ready and manages to get one anyway.

The next time he goes for the dive, Joe actually does walk out of the way casually and Penta ends up going through the table he set up earlier.

Joe slides him back in the ring and gets a two count. The show is running long but they vow to stay with it.

It’s not long until Joe gets the sleeper and Penta taps.

Samoa Joe def. Penta El Zero Miedo via submission to advance to World Title Eliminator Tournament final


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