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Samoa Joe targets MJF’s injured neck after an explosive promo duel laden with WWE references

Maxwell Jacob Friedman already made it pretty clear what he thought of Samoa Joe shoving him when they crossed paths on the ramp at All Out on Sunday night — both in the ring and later on social media.

But the AEW World champ (and one half of the Ring of Honor Tag Team champions with his best brochacho Adam Cole) had a few more things to say on the Sept. 6 Dynamite.

After Indy’s scumbag talked about his history in the Hoosier State, and vowed to beat the World Title Eliminator Tournament winner on his home turf in Long Island in a couple weeks, he turned his attention to Joe. Before he could say much, the ROH Television champion made his way to the ring to ask “What’s the problem, kid?”

That teed up a clever fat joke/Twisted Metal plug, and a back & forth about penis size. We eventually got story time with MJF, BAY BAY. Friedman’s story rehashed his WWE Developmental tryout tale (complete with William Regal references), and his appearance as an extra at TakeOver: Brooklyn II where Joe shoved young Max.

MJF’s main point was that he wasn’t the kid Joe pushed into a wall any more. He’s all grown up, and now Max is gonna kill him.

The veteran responded that he didn’t think of Friedman as a kid, he thought of him as “a little bitch”. MJF slapped him for that, and Joe said he wouldn’t take the bait. Instead he would wait and win the Tournament, then take his title at Grand Slam.

It was a trick though. Joe and MJF traded cheap shots, but the exchange aggravated the World champ’s neck injury. Cole ran in to save him from a Muscle Buster, but the damage seemed to have been done. Friedman told the trainers he couldn’t feel his arm, and needed help getting to the back when his legs gave out on him.

Joe just laughed, and said the next time MJF is front of him, he’ll tear him apart... bitch.

Cole didn’t accompany his tag partner to the back, because he had to deal with another friend with a neck injury, Roderick Strong. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s All Out fallout edition of Dynamite here.

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