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CJ ‘Lana’ Perry is not All Elite (yet anyway)


CJ Perry (fka WWE’s Lana) made her AEW debut at the company’s Sept. 3 All Out PPV in Chicago. She saved her husband Miro from a post-match attack by Powerhouse Hobbs, but was baffled when he left her in the ring, screaming, “You’re not real!”

Obviously, there’s more to come in this tale of The Redeemer and the hot flexible wife he forsook. But we didn’t get the traditional sign that Perry is now a member of the AEW roster. So why no “CJ Perry is All Elite” tweet from owner/president/booker Tony Khan?

He explained at the post-show media scrum:

“I think it’s great to have CJ here. It’s not a long-term guaranteed thing or anything, but at least for tonight, it was great to have her appearing with us. And I thought it was a great surprise, it was a great show. Miro and Hobbs was a match I really believed would be great for All Out, and it’s important to have great matches on both shows [Aug. 27’s All In and All Out].”

Even if she’s not around for a lengthy run, let’s hope the ex-Total Divas star is in AEW long enough to explain last night’s angle.

Are you excited for Mr. & Mrs. Miro to tell their story on Collision (and maybe Dynamite)?

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