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Christian Cage says he signed a new AEW contract, doesn’t have any friends named Adam Copeland

Most of the talent who share the AEW post-PPV media scrum desk with Tony Khan are willing to break character, at least somewhat. But there are those who don’t, and after All Out on Sept. 3, 2023, it was Christian Cage.

The (as Khan referred to Cage) self-proclaimed TNT champion set the tone early in his brief time with the press, opening with...

Christian spent most of his time talking about the prestige he’s brought to the TNT title, technically held by his “disciple” Luchasaurus. He did give the dinosaur-man credit, saying he wouldn’t be where he is without him. Cage also said Luchasaurus was his only friend, during a non-answer about whether Adam Copeland — aka his childhood pal and former WWE tag partner Edge — would join him in AEW:

“I only talk about myself, and Luchasaurus. And I have no friends other than Luchasaurus. I’ll leave it at that.”

Khan didn’t touch this either, so we’ll have to wait and see if anonymous folks at WWE or Jim Ross are right about what this Copeland fella does when/if his WWE contract expires later this month. The AEW head honcho did try to get Cage to speak on current rivals Darby Allin & Nick Wayne, but they aren’t Christian’s friends. They’re his problem.

After a few more questions (including one about the Jacksonville Jaguars from someone who I guess didn’t realize he was at pro wrestling event), TK moved to wrap things up with former WWE & NWA World Heavyweight champion. But Cage had a parting shot for anyone in the room or watching at home who mocked AEW for making a big deal about his arrival in 2021. In the process, he claimed Khan recently inked him to another, even more lucrative deal:

“It might have even been some of you people who said that I wasn’t worth the hype. I think I’ve proved you all wrong now, didn’t I? I know I proved Tony Khan right because he just re-signed me to a big, fat contract. He opened the vault for me and I deserve every single penny that I got.”

The owner/president/booker didn’t dispute or even comment on that, so we guess that was a shoot? We don’t want to make the mistake of doubting Christian again... we don’t want him hitting on our moms.

You can watch the entire post-All Out scrum here.

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