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AEW All Out 2023 results: Konosuke Takeshita pins Kenny Omega

The saga of Kenny Omega and Don Callis continued at All Out, as Omega finally got a singles shot at Callis’ new protege Konosuke Takeshita*.

We were expecting an epic encounter, but with marching orders to end Omega from Callis, Takeshita tried to ensure this one didn’t last long enough to qualify as an epic...

Callis bragged about knowing all of Kenny’s weak spots, and the neck wasn’t the only old injury his charge tried to aggravate. With an assist from Don, Takeshita also targeted Omega’s old sports hernia with a senton onto chairs Callis stacked on Kenny’s midsection.

Even struggling for breath from Konosuke’s attacks, Omega battled back. Each man had an answer for what their opponent threw at them, as exemplified by a spot where they each landed on their feet after a German Suplex from the other.

After a series of increasingly harrowing nearfalls, Callis sought to end Omega for good with the screwdriver he’s used as a weapon since turning heel. Kenny dodged that, and referee Paul Turner stopped Takeshita from using it later.

Surviving that particular foreign object didn’t change the outcome, however. When one jumping knee wasn’t enough, Konosuke pulled his knee pad down for a second. And not even the God of Pro Wrestling could kick out of that.

Another Kenny Omega classic, and one that should help make his rival an even bigger star.

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* In AEW, anyway. They had a pair of singles matches in Japan more than a decade ago.

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