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AEW All Out 2023 results: Miro outhosses Hobbs before Lana debuts

Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs collided in the United Center on Sept. 3 at AEW All Out, and it wasn’t long until Excalibur quoted our beloved Big E.

Yes, friends. These big meaty men slapped meat.

Hobbs took control, and the pace slowed. But when The Redeemer busted out some moves we’re not used to seeing from a hoss, it was Miro in the driver’s seat. It also inspired a “Slap That Meat” chant from the Chicago crowd.

Miro got the better of a prolonged forearm exchange, and encouraged a “Meat” chant as he delivered the attack he borrowed from his friend Sheamus. A superplex from The Redeemer left both men down, but the fans rallied Miro up first for a pump kick... but Powerhouse recovered to nail a powerbomb for two.

The slobberknocker continued to “Meat Forever” chants, and it seemed they might when neither man stayed down for three. It forced Miro to bust out his submission hold, but Hobbs powered out of Game Over! That got a “Holy Meat” chant, and Powerhouse responded with a spinebuster for another great nearfall.

Hobbs tried for Miro’s Game Over, but the ex-WWE wrestler wasn’t going out like that. He responded with a spinebuster of his own, then slept Powerhouse with the move.

The crowd loved the show of respect from Hobbs afterwards, and Miro was expecting a cheapshot. Powerhouse waited long enough to catch him off-guard though, and proceeded to choke out The Redeemer. And that’s when Miro’s hot flexible wife CJ Perry (fka Lana) showed up.

She saved her man with a chair shot, but after Miro saved her from Hobbs, he didn’t believe what he saw. Was it because he’d forsaken her, along with everyone else?

Stay tuned.

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