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Let’s see how AEW Dynamite ratings fared against the latest Trump-less Republican debate

AEW Dynamite

The ratings and viewership data are in for this week’s (Sept. 27) episode of AEW Dynamite.

Per Wrestlenomics, Dynamite netted 855,000 viewers and a .28 rating with the 18-49 year old demographic. These numbers are a significant drop compared to last week’s 984K and 0.36, respectively.

AEW was riding high with last week’s numbers for the Grand Slam special episode. It was reasonable to expect a decline this week, but not to this extent. It was a sharp fall that brought in Dynamite’s lowest audience since early August, and lowest rating in the key demo since late June. It looks like AEW didn’t hold onto any of last week’s gains, and in fact lost some folks they previously had in the bag. Does this result portend a poor buy rate for the WrestleDream pay-per-view on Sunday (Oct. 1)?

This episode of Dynamite was going up against a Republican primary debate where party standard-bearer Donald Trump did not participate, perhaps because he’s been indicted four times and is too busy preparing to defend himself in court from over 90 felony charges. While there are a lot of people who think pro wrestling is dumb, I can agree with Nikki Haley’s sentiment that most viewers probably got a little bit dumber if they listened to parts of this debate instead of watching higher brow pro wrestling content on Wednesday night.

AEW Dynamite no-sold the Trump-less Republican debate last time, but didn’t come out unscathed this time. Will there be an increase next week for the WrestleDream fall out show as we’re about to begin MLB playoffs in October? The debut of a certain Rated R Superstar might be needed to ensure Dynamite numbers keep up with the competition.

Here’s a breakdown of AEW viewership and rating in the 18-49 demo over the last year:

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