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I think I know when Edge is debuting for AEW

We don’t know for sure that former WWE Champion Edge is heading to AEW, but the rumor mill strongly leans in that direction.

That brings me to this segment on last night’s episode of Dynamite, where Edge’s old pal Christian went after Darby Allin’s dead father uncle during a promo hyping up their two-out-of-three falls match for the TNT championship this Sunday (Oct. 1) at WrestleDream.

The key part that stands out to me is when Christian goes along with Darby’s dare to keep Luchasaurus away from their match, just as Darby will make sure Nick Wayne isn’t there. In other words, it sounds like nobody will be ringside for this title match.

Christian cannot be trusted, so he must have an ace up his sleeve if he’s agreeing to leave Luchasaurus out of it, especially in Darby’s hometown of Seattle. Perhaps he’ll convince Nick Wayne to turn on Darby. But what if this promo is actually setting the stage for Edge to make his AEW debut and directly affect the outcome of the match? That seems like a decent bet to me.

Speaking of which, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer noted that Edge is indeed a possibility to show up for AEW at WrestleDream:

“Edge’s [WWE] contract is up on Saturday, so he could appear on Sunday.”

Do you expect Edge to debut for AEW at WrestleDream? If so, will he be there to help Christian or screw him over? Let us know how you see things playing out in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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