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Britt Baker shares some nasty looking pictures of Adam Cole’s broken ankle

Like many fans who listened to Adam Cole tell us tonight (Sept. 27) that the injury he suffered last Wednesday was “really, really bad” and would require surgery, I want to believe it was work.

Generously, it’s because I’m heartbroken for a very entertaining guy who seems like a legitimately good dude. Cole just returned earlier this year from a career-threatening brain injury. Now he’s faced with rehabbing a reconstructed leg and foot to do it all over again.

Selfishly, it’s because Cole’s Better Than You BAY BAY act with Maxwell Jacob Friedman has been way more fun and interesting than anyone could have imagined when they debuted it back in June. That it could have to be put on pause for months is a real bummer.

Either way, a lot of us are trying to convince ourselves this is all part of that story. Maybe Cole sprained his ankle, we think. But did he really need that cast he was wearing tonight? Couldn’t it be a prop, like Roderick Strong’s neck brace? Maybe it’s misdirection because Adam was the guy in the devil mask at the end of Dynamite (or they’ll later say that was him after his sprain heals in a couple weeks)?

Well, if it’s a work — it’s an elaborate one that Cole’s long-time girlfriend Britt Baker is in on.


Baker’s pictures leave enough wiggle room that you can still spin a “work” theory around them. But they’ve popped my bubble. I’m back to just being sad for Cole, and bummed for us.

Unless a dirt sheet report tells us differently... get well soon, BAY BAY.

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