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Jay White challenges MJF, then gets taken out by masked attackers

We were still processing the news that Adam Cole broke his ankle in three places and needs to have it surgically repaired (and honestly, Roderick Strong’s “Hot Roddy” wheelchair), when Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s next challenger for the AEW World appeared on the Sept. 27 Dynamite.

Switchblade Jay White sent the rest of the Bang Bang Gang to the back so he could tell Max to shut up and entertain the Colorado crowd with his swet exotic accent. But it was Our Scumbag who lit into White on the microphone. MJF has been compared to a lot of people in his young career, but the one that offended him was when people tried to say he was “no Jay White”. See, Friedman is filet mignon. Switchblade is tofu — you can dress him up with all the advantages and assistance New Japan and AEW have, but underneath it all he’s just a boring, bland, tasteless tofu.

For his retort, White sought to plant seeds of doubt in Max’s head. He hasn’t seemed to be the same since he embraced friendship with Cole, and the support of “his poors”. And that’s why Switchblade is going to destroy him, take the belt off his carcass, and prove MJF is not better than the people who cheer him.

Pretty good start to a program. Is this a feud you’re interested in?

BUT WAIT! There’s more...

After the main event contract signing between Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland, we got a quick scene of Jay White being beaten down by four black-clad men. Before the episode ended, the camera panned back to reveal another wearing MJF’s old devil mask...

Is that Max under the mask, or an imposter? Either way, who are the accomplices?


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