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CJ Perry is here to stay in AEW

We’ve been keeping up with Miro, and we’ve been keeping up with his hot flexible wife since she showed up in AEW to surprise him. Now, we finally get a chance to see the two of them on screen together.

Here’s how it played out on this week’s episode of Collision:

First, it should be noted AEW has finally used the name “CJ Perry” on television, so it would appear they’ll be using her real name for her work there.

The story, as they continued to tell it here, is that Miro cannot be distracted by the temptation he feels for his hot flexible wife but beyond that if she sticks around she’ll be even more of a distraction because she may need saving. Her claim is that’s not the case, and she stood her ground on taking on clients as a manager.

Because he has to walk his path, but she has to walk hers too.

So it’s settled. CJ Perry is here to stay, and Miro is none too pleased with it.

Whatever could this mean for the future of The Redeemer?

Anyway, here are all the videos from Collision this week:

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