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Bullet Club Gold to let fans decide the nickname for Austin Gunn

The Bullet Club Gold nickname saga continues. Austin Gunn’s quest for a catchy moniker has led to “Fully Cocked” Colten Gunn and “Cock Strong” Cardblade, but Austin is still without a nickname. The Bang Bang Gang were out of ideas, so they are going to let the fans decide.

Now, they know what you’re thinking. In an effort to avoid “Ass Boy” Austin Gunn from internet trolls, “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson opened the suggestion box through snail mail. Send your ideas to:

PO Box 521667
Longwood, FL 32752

Watch the video for all the details from the Bang Bang Lounge with an a cappella rendition of Creed’s anthem, “With Arms Wide Open,” outfits of sunglasses and gold sparkly hats, and “Hot Piece of Ass” Jay White.

Fitting with the cock theme, some possibilities include cocked and loaded, cock of the walk, cock of the roost, cock and bull, cock a hoop, and cock cheese.

Share you nickname suggestions for Austin Gunn.

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