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AEW Collision results, live blog (Sept. 23, 2023): Texas Death Match


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Sept. 23) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Van Andel Arena, which will feature continued build for next week’s “Grand Slam” editions of Dynamite & Rampage, and for Oct. 1’s WrestleDream PPV.

Tonight, Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks try to settle things once and for all in a Texas Death Match, and RVD makes his return to the ring in his home state, teaming with HOOK to take on Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ang!

We’ll also see Darby Allin try to reclaim the TNT title in a handicap match Triple Threat with Luchasaurus & Christian Cage — with Sting banned from ringside! Plus, Andrade El Idolo goes one-on-one with Switchblade Jay White, FTR defends their AEW Tag titles against The Workhorsemen, Willow Nightingale battles Julia Hart, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Just a couple minutes late getting settled, folks, let’s jump right in.

Darby Allin vs. Luchasaurus vs. Christian Cage

The action is hot and heavy, with Darby coming off the top rope and Luchasaurus tossing him. Christian in with the TNT title in his hands but he misses Allin and bails out. Allin goes back to Luchasaurus in the corner and gets slammed. He, too, rolls out.

Luchasaurus sees the title in the ring and picks it up. This is the first time he has held the title in his hands, commentary tells us. Christian climbs in to take it back and Luchasaurus turns away from him to a big pop.

Christian then moves in front of him and asks for the title. The fans tell him not to do it. Christian screams at him to put the title in his hands. He does.

Allin gets back in right at that moment and shoves Christian into Luchasaurus. He uses the belt on him too, and then tries for the pinfall to win the title himself but only gets two. He rocks Luchasaurus with a kick and then the Coffin Drop but Christian gets in to get him off and pins Luchasaurus himself to become the champion proper.

Christian def. Luchasaurus & Darby Allin via pinfall to win the TNT championship

Huge pop for the winning fall, by the way.

After celebrating, Christian gives Luchasaurus a big hug. Then he asks to have his hand raised, and Luchasaurus did it. Then he asked to go up on his shoulders, and Luchasaurus did that too.

Christian held the title high up in the air, sitting on Luchasaurus’ shoulders. Symbolic.

Alex Marvez in the back to talk to Don Callis.

He says it makes him sick to think of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho being together on the same side when he’s the one who put both of them on the map at the Tokyo Dome. Now they’re name dropping Kota Ibushi but that’s Omega’s weak point. The two are closer than brothers and that kind of care makes him weak.

As great as the three of them are, Ibushi is a problem for Omega. Callis also has Sammy Guevara and Takeshita. He’s also got another family member and that man beat them both in the course of two months — Will Ospreay.

They’re gonna face the Don Callis family, never stronger. They’re gonna finish it once and for all in Seattle.

Christian is being interviewed by Tony Schiavone. He says Cage can now say he’s legitimately champion. Christian dedicates the win to Nick Wayne’s mom and his late father who he’s sure was cheering him from upstairs.

He’s happy to say he’s finally finished with Darby Allin once and for all and to bring on the next challenger. Schiavone informs him that’s not the case, actually. In fact, the two will be going at it once again at WrestleDream in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match for the title.

Christian is pissed and takes off to go after Tony Khan.

Hook & Rob Van Dam vs. Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ang


Pantera rocked my childhood, what can I say?

Hook starts with Daddy Magic and works him over for a bit. As soon as he gets some back, Magic tags out to Ang, who gets an assist from Anna Jay grabbing the ankle. Hook regains control quick and gets to his corner, tagging in RVD. The fans go wild for it.

RVD gets one takedown and everyone goes nuts for it while he showboats a bit. So, naturally, the heels take him down.

A flip here and there gets RVD back into it. Follows up with a dropkick and the man is feeling himself. The heels bail to the outside, so it’s a nice time to work the gimmick to the crowd.

Rob! Van! Dam!

“You still got it!”

Commercial break.

We get back to the heels getting the heat on and Hook making it to the corner for the hot tag to RVD, who comes in and runs wild for a bit before Daddy Magic cuts him off. Reversal and RVD plants him with another kick. Anna Jay hops the apron so Jake Hager can get in with a chair but he gets kicked too. Meanwhile, Hook gets in to put a sleeper on Ang while RVD hits the 5-star Frogsplash on Magic to finish it.

Hook & RVD def. Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ang via pinfall

A video airs with the Dark Order saying they’re good and they’re here for us because we need structure and order.

Then we go to Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. They’re mad about the Best Friends not celebrating neck health awareness month and how dare they want to take their title dreams away.

Bennett promises to dish out piledrivers next week. They’ll also test how close the Best Friends really are and it’s damn sure not as strong as The Kingdom. And they’re not neck strong.

Julia Hart vs. Kiera Hogan

They note Willow couldn’t be here because she got misted and while she’ll be fine, she won’t be competing tonight. Hogan will take up for her friend, and she starts by rushing Hart and landing heavy blows. It isn’t long until Hart takes over control and puts the boots to her.

Great selling from Hogan while Hart kicks her on the mat and Brody King shouts “stay on her.” Big suplex. Punches from full mount. Stands up, moonsault, that gets two. She quickly grabs a sleeper. Kiera finally breaks free and mounts some offense of her own.

Big dropkick in the corner. Goes back for more, gets reversed. It’s not long after that Hart gets the double underhook crossface in the middle of the ring.

Julia Hart def. Kiera Hogan via submission

Hart won’t get off after and Skye Blue hits the ring to make the save. Brody King steps in Blue’s way and smiles. Then he moves and Hart mists her.

King grabs a mic and says the violence will not end. They’re stacking bodies and it won’t end until they get to the last loss — Kris Statlander. He says Statlander needs to put her TBS title on the line at WrestleDream or the body count continues to rise.

Hart gets on the mic to say “but remember, Kris, the House always wins.”

The Righteous get a video saying they’re going to crawl out and expose MJF and Adam Cole, purifying the lies that is Better Than You, Bay Bay.

Cause they’re Righteous, you know.

That match is set for WrestleDream next Sunday.

Jay White vs. Andrade El Idolo

There is someone in the crowd holding up a very small “fire Ryan Poles” sign. This show is in Michigan.

Collar and elbow tie up to start, and White slaps Andrade in the face after the ref forces a break in the corner. He takes control and works a headlock. Shot off, bails to the outside, Andrade follows and hits a big chop. Throws him back in. Up top for a big crossbody. Andrade goes for Three Amigos, gets reversed at the end of it. Big kick on Andrade running into the corner but Andrade dropkicks him to the outside.

White regains some control back in the ring. Chop and then some shoulders in the corner. Another chop, knife edged. Andrade kicks him off but eats another chop. Then White knocks him off the apron to the outside. The Bang Bang Gang rush over to taunt him.

Commercial break.

Back and White working a side headlock on the mat. Andrade fighting to his feet. They start going back and forth, chops and forearms and more chops. White loves to dish ‘em out, but he always takes ‘em back too.

Andrade with a dragonscrew takedown, and another. Off the ropes with a forearm to knock him down. Kip up to get the crowd going.

Andrade’s chest showing marks from all the chops. Bang Bang Gang drags White out of the ring so Andrade hits a huge moonsault to the outside. “Holy shit” chant from the crowd.

Andrade throws him back in the ring, and hits the double moonsault for a close two.

White regains control and gets a Uranage for two. Andrade comes back and gets a spinning backfist for two of his own.

They sell for a bit and Andrade runs him down in the corner and looks like he might have him but when he goes for the pin, Juice Robinson puts his foot up on the bottom rope and then sneaks away. Andrade is upset but he drags White to the middle of the ring and locks on the Figure Four. Andrade bridges up to the Eight and that’s when the Bang Bang Gang rushes in to distract the ref and lay Andrade out.

White takes advantage, hits the Blade Runner, and that’s all.

Jay White def. Andrade via pinfall

Ortiz video saying Santana used him for 14 years and then walked out on him. Said Santana wasn’t afraid to talk on social media, but when Ortiz confronted him face-to-face, Santana, the keyboard warrior, did what he always does and ran from his problems.

“Well, guess what? You’re not going to be able to run much longer.”

Aussie Open walks out in suits, what Kevin Kelly calls their announcer gear. He said this because, well, they’ll be doing commentary.

The Workhorsemen vs. FTR

The tag team titles are on the line. The crowd starts the match with a chant for the champs.

Cash Wheeler and Anthony Henry start it off with a scramble. Some chain wrestling, stringing everything together. Henry gets a dropkick to finally take control and tag JD Drake in. The big fella misses the heavy blows and Wheeler bails to the corner to tag in Dax Harwood. The big men get after it, exchanging some sick sounding chops.

Drake with a bodyslam and a diving headbutt from standing for a one count.

Tag to Henry and he gets in to exchange shots with Harwood. Chops and kicks back and forth. Stalemate and Drake tags back in. He rushes over to take out Wheeler so Dax can’t tag out, then lands a big kick and a cannonball in the corner. Henry back in, double footstomp from the ropes, rushes to dive on Wheeler while Drake hits the moonsault for a great near fall on Harwood.

Wheeler manages to avoid Henry and in the ring Harwood quickly battles back and gets the Sharpshooter on Drake for the win.

FTR def. The Workhorsemen via submission to retain the AEW tag team titles

Aussie Open jump in the ring to say congrats but next Sunday they’ll be in for the fight of their lives. They say they maybe haven’t lived up to the hype yet but that’s why they’ve challenged for the titles and they need to prove that they’re everything they say they are.

Harwood gets on his hands and knees and says he’s begging for the biggest, baddest bastard tag team because at WrestleDream they’re taking on the greatest tag team in history. So if they aren’t bringing that dog on Oct. 1, don’t even show up.

Top Guys out.

CJ Perry is interviewed and asked why she’s back now.

She says she loves her husband so much but he’s lost his way. She managed him for years and wanted to come back to help him but unfortunately he’s preoccupied with the past.

He shows up and says there are always temptations. His temptation is her. Hers is the lights, the camera, the fame. It changes her. She says she loves all of this, it makes her come alive.

He says if she stays then he has to...

She says “what? Save me? Do I look like I need saving?”

He says she doesn’t right now.

She makes him promise not to lay a hand on any of her future clients that she’s going to manage. He looks shocked and upset, walking away without responding, at least not verbally.

Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson

This is a Texas Death Match.

Bryan gets in the ring and Starks wastes no time getting after him with shots. Bryan doesn’t even have his coat off. Finally, Danielson gets him off and kicks him around up into the crowd. He beats on him all around and then back to the ring.

From there, they battle a bit more and go to the outside, where Starks throws Bryan into the crowd. While Bryan is getting up from it, Starks does a huge dive to the outside and hits all sorts of folks.

Commercial break.

Coming back and Bryan is landing all sorts of chair shots to Starks in the corner. They go back and forth from there and Danielson is busted open. Yes kicks to Starks, finishing with the headkick. Bryan rushes in the corner and Starks throws a chair at his skull to stop the charge and lay him out.

Fans chant “we want tables.” Of course they do.

Commercial break.

Back and Bryan is landing shots. Starks comes back and they trade. They start getting a lot more physical with it, with Ricky hitting him hard to the face. He takes him down and wraps the chain around his neck and chokes him. Quite the visual with Danielson bleeding.

Bryan fades, veins popping out of his face. He struggles and then his head falls. The referee starts the count.

She gets to 5 before Bryan’s head turns. By 8, he’s on one knee and standing up. Starks rushes over to grab the chain again. He wraps it over his shoulder and pulls Danielson up off his feet with it. He works to the ropes and Bryan runs up them and flips over to get out. Starks rushes him to try for the spear but Bryan flips out and turns over to get the LeBell Lock. Then he gets the chain and wraps it around Starks’ neck and yanks.

Starks appears to go out. The ref starts the count while Danielsont his way up still has the hold. Ricky manages to fight his way up. They trade big forearms and punches from top position.

Reset in the middle and they go back and forth with headbutts. They struggle to their feet and it’s Bryan who puts Starks down in the corner with a chair under him. Danielson grabs his arms and stomps his head in. Starks, defiant, spits in Bryan’s face. So he stomps him out again.

Finally, he gets up and hits the running knee with the chain wrapped around it.

Starks is out.

The referee counts.

Danielson gets back to his feet at the count of 9.

Starks remains still.

Bryan Danielson def. Ricky Starks

Big Bill and Wheeler Yuta hit the ring to check on their respective teammates. Bill and Yuta exchange words and the show fades out.


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