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Initial reports on injuries suffered by Jon Moxley & Adam Cole at AEW Grand Slam

AEW delivered an entertaining two hours of pro wrestling last night (Sept. 20) at Dynamite Grand Slam in New York City. But two injuries to major stars seemed to occur during the show, and caused a fair amount of concern in the wrestling community.

Here’s what’s being said about each in the hours after the show.

While the fact that Jon Moxley left the ring area under his own power alleviated our absolute worst fears, there was still a lot of concern after the abrupt end of his International title match with Rey Fenix. The available video is by no means conclusive, but it does appear Moxley’s head was spiked to the mat while he was taking Fenix’s Black Fire Driver, a variation on a sit-out Michinoku Driver.

Referee Rick Knox did not count three after that spot, despite the fact Moxley didn’t get his shoulder up — or move much at all. Moxley did appear to be looking at him as wrestlers often do when timing a kickout, then says something that prompts Fenix to hit the move again (with plenty of clearance between Mox’s head and the mat this time). Knox counted the full pinfall, and Fenix won the belt.

PWInsider reported that Moxley was checked on by doctors “for a long time” before he sat up and left on his own power. Mike Johnson of Insider also shared that the belief backstage was that Mox suffered a concussion, but that that was unconfirmed. Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez posted on X that Moxley was hurt but okay.

Unsurprisingly, PWInsider, Alvarez, and Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp all say what we got was not the planned ending. Johnson added that he believed the original plan was for Mox to retain.

The other injury we’re tracking was to Adam Cole. Towards the end of the main event, Cole ran in to cheer on his friend and tag partner MJF. He jumped off the side of the stage, stumbled to the floor, and worked the rest of the match with a noticeable limp.

Sapp and Alvarez both posted on X that Cole was taken to the hospital after the match. An update from Sapp said that Cole was out of the hospital and on crutches.

More when we have it, and keep a good thought for both Mox and Cole.

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