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Toni Storm didn’t watch out for the exposed turnbuckle, so Saraya is still champ

Toni Storm has undergone a lot of changes since dropping the AEW Women’s World title last month. Those were evident in her new entrance at Dynamite Grand Slam on Sept. 20.

The changes have led to a falling out with her Outcasts teammates, which is important since the Women’s championship is now on Saraya, and Storm was challenging her for it in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Ruby Soho is still on Saraya’s side, and it looked like that was going to be all the advantage the champ needed to retain.... even when Soho failed to watch out for the shoe!

Ruby was able to get the Outcasts signature spray paint to Saraya, but Toni kicked out after taking a Knight Cap while blinded.

A surprise kiss and Storm Zero looked like the finish, but it wasn’t.

It ended up being an exposed turnbuckle that was the actual difference-maker. Saraya declined to spike her former teammate face first into it, but when she evaded a hip attack from the challenger, Storm had no defense against another Knight Cap.

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