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Sammy Guevara turns on Chris Jericho, leaves with Don Callis

The showdown between Sammy Guevara and his mentor Chris Jericho on the Grand Slam edition of Dynamite was supposed to clear the air between them so they could chase the AEW Tag titles together.

It clearly meant a lot to Guevara, who entered Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sept. 20 wearing similar gear to what Jericho wore to face one of his heroes, Shawn Michaels, two decades ago.

Sammy seemed to be holding back and looking to win without doing too much damage to the veteran he’s followed since AEW was launched. Jericho didn’t seem to be pulling any punches, and before long Guevara wasn’t either.

Hitting a GTH may have been enough to put the Ocho away, but Guevara opted to ensure victory with a Shooting Star Press. Jericho had it scouted thought, and got his knees up for a Codebreaker counter. With that, the veteran got three and a win.

It looked like a touching scene when Sammy & Chris embraced after the match, but the Spanish God shattered that with a kick to Jericho’s nether region (we should have figured that out with Guevara’s WrestleMania 19 homage). As he stood over Le Champion, Don Callis walked down the ramp to welcome the former JAS member into his Family.

Backstage, Renee Paquette tried to find out if this meant Sammy is now in the Callis Family. Don told her she’d get her answers on Rampage this Friday, and kept Guevara from getting into it with another Jericho student, Daniel Garcia.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s Grand Slam edition of Dynamite here.

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