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Report: CM Punk doesn’t plan to sue Tony Khan over AEW firing

Tony Khan on Twitter

CM Punk’s comment about having a lot of time on his hands for the next two months during his return to MMA commentary last Friday (Sept. 15) got a lot of people thinking he’d just revealed the length of his AEW non-compete.

It led Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman to ask around about Punk’s contracts. He couldn’t track down any answers on that, but did gain some insight into legal issues between Punk and his former employer:

Punk does not have any litigation pending against Tony Khan following his termination. Considering how Khan said his life was in danger during Punk’s backstage altercation at AEW: All In London, many people asked me whether Punk could be considering action, and I am told that is not the case.

From what I gather, Punk is looking to avoid any further litigation and move on with his life. He was described to me as someone breathing a sign of relief now that he is away from the day-to-day drama that seemed to follow him at AEW.

Hausman’s been perceived as having close ties to Punk since their dialogue during Punk’s post-All Out/pre-Brawl Out media scrum promo last year, and the personal insight here certainly makes this sound like it comes from someone in Punk’s inner circle.

The report also mentions that, while Hausman couldn’t find out if Khan or AEW has any legal action pending against Punk, “things do seem quiet between the two sides.”

So maybe we can all just move on, aka get back to wondering if WWE will sign Punk?

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