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AEW Collision results, live blog (Sept. 16, 2023): Danielson & Castagnoli vs. Starks & Bill

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Sept. 16) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania, which will feature continued build for next week’s “Grand Slam” editions of Dynamite & Rampage, and for Oct. 1’s WrestleDream PPV.

Tonight, Ricky Starks’ issues with the Blackpool Combat Club continue after he choked out Bryan Danielson last Saturday and Jon Moxley beat Big Bill on Dynamite. Next up, a tage match between Starks & Bill and Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli.

We’ll also see FTR defend their AEW Tag titles against Iron Savages, Dr. Britt Baker returning to her alma mater Penn State to challenge Kris Statlander for the TBS title... and more! As they are wont to do, AEW booked several more matches for Collision on or after Rampage. Get an updated rundown here.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Geno here.

The usual pre-show shortened promos from everyone on the card tonight.

You know the deal. It’s Saturday night and it’s an alright night for a fight and all that.

There are a lot of empty seats as they pan the crowd, or at least it looks that way.

Starting with tag team action.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

Starks acts like he’s going to start with Danielson and then he tags out to Bill, who looks great. That man got himself into great shape. Bryan attacks with leg kicks and Big Bill just throws him off and chops the hell out of his chest. Beats him up in the corner.

Shoot off the ropes and Bryan comes back with a dropkick low, following up with more leg kicks to try to get the big man down. It works a little but Bill shoves him off again so Danielson tags out.

Castagnoli comes in and they do a test of strength. Bill gets the better of it at first but Claudio battles back so Bill kicks him in the gut. What a heel!

Castagnoli finally gets some offense going with power strikes, and he tags Danielson back in to gang up but once again the big fella just tosses them both. He decides to tag Starks in with both down but Danielson immediately takes control by kicks and strikes in the corner.

Now it’s Ricky’s turn to sell for the good guys. Danielson puts the boots to him until Ricky gets to Bill to tag him back in, and, of course, he takes control right back by just throwing Bryan around.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Danielson is making yet another comeback, this time on Starks who tagged in at some point. They both sell and work to a hot tag to Castagnoli and Bill, who meet in the middle and throw haymakers. Claudio went off, throwing the kitchen sink at the big man to try to get him down.

Finally, a lariat after something like 25 strikes did the trick.

A nice pop for that.

Claudio got a close two count shortly after. When he stood up, everyone was asking for the swing, so he grabbed the legs like he was going to. But nope, Big Bill wasn’t having it. He grabbed Claudio’s throat, made his way up, and hit a chokeslam for two.

Starks tagged in and, naturally, he’s the subject of yet another comeback. This time, Claudio actually does get the swing. He gets two off it.

There is what sounds like a small child screaming loudly and it’s unbearable on the live broadcast.

Meanwhile, Bill gets taken out by Danielson on a dive while Starks takes out Claudio in the ring. He gets two. Castagnoli comes back, gets a two count of his own, and then tags Danielson in. He goes to the kicks. Ricky counters with a roll up for two, and Danielson counters into the LeBell Lock. More back and forth, everyone getting involved. Claudio and Bill battling on the outside, Bryan and Ricky going at it in the corner inside the ring. A big slam from there.

Bill gets up enough to distract the referee, and Starks hits a low blow leading to the finish.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill def. Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall

Powerhouse Hobbs cutting a promo about the next chapter in his book. The next chapter is titled destruction, and no one is safe. He’s not talking about an armbar or a headlock. He’s talking about physical and mental pain.

Like ripping your arm off, smiling, and then beating you with it.

Absolutely no one is safe.

Miro gets a promo too.

He calls Hobbs a son of a bitch and says he should be thanking The Redeemer right now. He beat him down but it didn’t make Hobbs humble. So they’ll have to meet again down the road.

Then he turns his attention to his hot flexible wife. She delivered temptation while he was at his weakest at All Out. Why? It’s not his fault that your absence has left everyone godless. He promises to put everyone in a box and then them his way.

Iron Savages vs. FTR

This is for the tag team titles, of which FTR have held for 164 days, as the graphic on screen indicates.

The Savages all over FTR early, taking out both Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood. It looks like a glorified squash match, while commentary remarks it could be the upset of the century. Still, Wheeler kicks out. Bronson tags Boulder in while Harwood gets his turn and he manages to tag the Beefcake with some shots. It isn’t long before he’s put down but FTR makes the comeback. Bronson gets hit with Shatter Machine to send him out and they follow up with a big suplex off the top rope to Boulder and a follow up splash is enough.

FTR def. Iron Savages via pinfall to retain the tag team titles

The Workhorsemen hit the scene while FTR are celebrating and the champions lay the titles down in between them. The two teams shake hands and it appears the next challengers are set.

Keith Lee interviewed.

They screwed up the production and showed someone saying “Keith Lee, take two” before going into it.

Lee is interrupted and Shane Taylor Promotions introduces a new member in Lee Moriarity. Taylor reminds Lee he said singles wrestlers should “run” but he doesn’t do that. They set up a match.

“Let’s begin, shall we?”

Keith Lee, everybody.

Max Caster comes in rapping about Penn State beating Illinois and John Silver beating his meat. Sure.

Everyone loves The Acclaimed. Scissor me, Daddy Ass.

Silver grabs a mic and says he googled scissoring and they’re doing it wrong. He also has a contract in hand and wanted to remind everyone that it says Caster and Daddy Ass are barred from ringside.

Gotta read the fine print.

John Silver vs. Anthony Bowens

Silver jumps all over Bowens while he’s sending off his teammates. Bowens quickly turns it around and lays into him with punches in the corner. Body slam in the middle of the ring and Bowens enrages Silver by scissoring himself right in front of Silver’s face.


Silver bails out to reset. Back in the ring, he takes control of the match.

Commercial break.

Silver still in control as we get back. Bowens tries a comeback, they exchange counters, the champ gets the best of it. He strings some offense together, leg drop for two. They go back-and-forth again and yet again it’s Bowens who gets the best of it. Finally, Silver with some explosive offense of his own, some big strikes that get a two count for him.

Silver misses a kick to the head and Bowens hits a big running knee. Silver escapes to the outside and Evil Uno shows up to help him just as Bowens throws him back in. Sure enough, that’s the assist Silver needed, as he finishes the job from there.

John Silver def. Anthony Bowens via pinfall

Eddie Kingston promo on Claudio Castagnoli, talking about the history they share. Claudio knew what he had to go through when he was younger, he was there. And he wouldn’t work with him anymore.

And he left potholes in the road for him that he had to clean up. He’s been trying to fix things, for a long time now. He’s figured out that this will fix it. Win or lose, this is it. He says Claudio was right when he said Eddie doesn’t know how to keep friends. He pushes people away and then blames them.

But he’s got New York. Wherever he goes there, he’s home. All of New York has his back. Try to beat him there. They’re built different.

“We’re built in the misery. Can you beat that? No you can’t.”

He calls Claudio a great wrestler but says he isn’t ready for the misery.

“I’m gonna fuck you up in New York, motherfucker.”

Hook and Orange Cassidy interviewed.

Hook is eating a bag of chips.

Cassidy says they should do a tag match or something. Grand Slam, perhaps?

“Let’s do it.”

They continue eating.

“Cool,” says Renee Young.

Aussie Open vs. Two Guys

They don’t even bother naming the team Aussie Open are up against, as they’re clearly here to be destroyed.

Sure enough, they get ran through in a matter of seconds.

Aussie Open def. Two Guys via pinfall

They get on the mic after, and ask FTR if they’re paying attention. They say it was an impressive victory earlier tonight but it took them longer than it took Aussie Open to win their matches on Rampage and this show tonight. FTR has won titles everywhere they’ve been but so has Aussie Open. They’ve won the ROH championship, the IWGP heavyweight tag team championship; so they’re officially calling their shot. On Oct. 1 at WrestleDream in Seattle, they want FTR for the titles.

The fans cheer for the idea of this.

A video with Toni Storm called “Portrait of a Star.” She’s with RJ City being interviewed and she’s unhappy about the lighting. It’s a bit much. Lower it for the interview, it’s not an interrogation.

RJ asks about things changing with Saraya and she claims she hasn’t changed but this business has. She thought the business was about being stars and making money. But no, AEW is about signing anyone crying with a sob story. She doesn’t mind being the odd one out. Who wants to mingle with the rest anyway?

To be continued...

Scorpio Sky vs. Andrade El Idolo

They open with holds, a shoot off the ropes, and more holds. Shoot off again, a kick from Sky. He sends Andrade flying and celebrates before rushing the corner. Andrade catches him coming back into the ring and takes his leg out.

Andrade tries to go up to the top turnbuckle but Sky hops up and pushes him off. Andrade takes an ugly looking bump on the apron.

Commercial break.

Back at it and Sky still in control working a facelock. Andrade battles back to fight out of it. Sky starts landing some big shots and Andrade starts straight up asking for more. Sky obliges and El Idolo uses it to get going again. They come to a stalemate.

Andrade nip up. Sky avoids him in the corner, sunset flip, another roll over gets two. Andrade rolls out of the ring and Sky goes flying over the top rope to take him out.

Back in the ring, Andrade quickly regains control and lands a huge spinning backfist. Sky manages to cradle him for two. Andrade quickly up again and hits a dropkick to the knee Sky has been selling. He follows up with the Figure Four and bridges into the Figure Eight, shout out to the wifey. That gets the tap.

Andrade El Idolo def. Scorpio Sky via submission

Very shortly after the bell, Jay White and the rest of the Bang Bang Gang make their way out.

White says he wasn’t here last week but he was watching his boys and that meant watching Andrade watching his boys. It looked like Andrade was having a lot of fun watching Bullet Club Gold do their thing.

White says they’re his boys and Andrade can’t have them. But what he obviously wants is the Switchblade spotlight so how about next week he gets a chance to have his moment. He challenges him to a match under that spotlight.

Andrade simply claps in response to it.

White says if that doesn’t work, they can do it right now.

Andrade starts making his way up the ramp but referees and security show up to hold him back. “Let them fight” chants start up.

The Bang Bang Gang backs off.

The Hardys vs. The Righteous

Vincent starts with Matt and they exchange blows before Vincent gets a tackle and hops a quick cover. Hey, you never know if you don’t try it.

Matt comes back, throwing Vincent’s head in the corner. He tags Jeff in, Dutch tries to rush over to make the save but he’s sent out over the top rope. Jeff gets two off a splash. He keeps the offense going, dropkick to the back. Tags Matt back in and they team up for the splash in the corner.

Matt calls for deletion but Vincent reverses and gets Dutch in to take control.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Hardy gets a neckbreaker to go to the hot tag and get Jeff running wild. Vincent feeds for him, and then Dutch gets in to do the same. The double leg drop hits, then an elbow. Crowd loving it.

Matt back in, they clothesline Dutch out and focus on Vincent. Reverse, Hardy slams Vincent while Dutch gets to Jeff on the top rope, racking him on it. The Righteous get in and double up on Jeff, and that’s enough to get it done.

The Righteous def. The Hardys

“Can you believe it?” asks Nigel. “This is a night of upsets like no other!”


Dutch grabs a mic. He calls for quiet.

“Vincent! Dutch! We are The Righteous! Two believers who seek truth in the liar’s eyes!”

Vincent says they just defeated one of the greatest tag teams in the world. And like it or not, the people of the world are just prisoners to false icons, fooled by the conman, listening to the devil on their shoulder. They’re here to tell the truth and their truth is going to kill your ego that leads to false love and fake friendships, kind of like the AEW world champion’s friendship to Adam Cole.

And they just happen to be the ROH world champions. Dig what he’s saying?

Claudio gets a promo. He guesses that Eddie was screaming and cursing in his promo. He knows Eddie and for the past 10 years he’s had to listen to Eddie complain and drag him through the mud any chance he could get because he’s not man enough.

He’s still not man enough. This time he’s going to put an end to it and beat him once and for all because he’s sick and tired of it. This will be the final chapter. He will burn down all of Eddie’s dreams and title aspirations to ashes.

They announce that RVD will be returning to the ring in his home state next week.

Also, FTR vs. The Workhorsemen for the tag team titles.

FTR are interviewed by Tony Schiavone about the challenge. They say they’ve got a big challenge ahead but whether or not they retain their tag titles, they’ll go ahead and wrestle Aussie Open at WrestleDream but they bet they’ll still be champs.

That match is then made official in graphic form.

Ricky Starks is interviewed backstage and he’s upset about the promotional packages airing for wrestlers he already beat. He doesn’t have a match at WrestleDream and he’s tired of this. He promises to be a nightmare for Bryan Danielson and he’ll go to the lengths he needs to to make that true.

So next week they’re going to do a Texas Death Match.

It’s main event time up next, the TBS championship match.

Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD

They take their time getting started, and the crowd gets hyped for the match. They lock up, and Statlander takes her down. Baker bails out and regroups with the crowd. Back in, they trade heavy shots. Off the ropes and they go back and forth there too. Neckbreaker from Baker, scoop slam response from Statlander.

Commercial break.

Back and Statlander goes for a moonsault but Baker moves out of the way. She pulls the champion to the corner and throws both her knees into the post multiple times. Sling Blade twice over for Baker but Statlander comes back with Blue Thunder for two.

Some “this is awesome” chants start up but never get going.

Baker hits a stomp but only gets two out of it. She goes for the glove to a big pop. D.M.D. Statlander uses the distraction to roll her up for two. Baker goes for the lockjaw but Statlander manages to block her hand and roll out back to their feet. Big forearms exchanged. They trade kicks right after.

Baker misses the discus clothesline, they trade and both end up flat and selling. The referee starts the count and gets up to seven before anyone makes it to their feet. We hit the top of the hour and Kevin Kelly lets us know they’re staying with this until a winner is decided.

Baker goes for Panama Sunrise but can’t quite get it. She still manages to roll through to get a two count but Statlander gets out. Shortly after, Baker gets the Canadian Destroyer anyway, then the Angel’s Wings even all of that only gets two.

Baker takes her back and gets her down, then manages to get the lockjaw in but Statlander rolls her over and Baker never lets go, so she ends up taking the fall.

Kris Statlander def. Britt Baker via pinfall to retain the TBS championship

They shake hands after and Baker raises the champion’s arm in victory.


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