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Two things bothered Christian as he scrolled through Nick Wayne’s mom’s Instagram

Either Christian Cage considers his war on dads won, or he really doesn’t want to spend cuffing season alone. I guess he could also have genuine feelings for Nick Wayne’s mother, but that’s probably too generous of a read. The man is a well-established menace, after all.

The reason we bring this up is that Christian seems really obsessed with Mama Wayne. On the Sept. 13 AEW Dynamite, after watching her son & Darby Allin pick up a win over Angelo Parker & Matt Menard (and once he’d told Cincinnati to shut up), Cage started his promo by talking about Nick’s mom’s Instagram. There was a method to his madness, of course.

Two things bothered him about it. But the TNT champion is nothing if not a problem-solver, so he also presented his solutions:

  1. Not enough bikini pics. Christian DM-ed her to address this.
  2. Too much talk about Sting & Darby beating him & Swerve Strickland at All In. He proposes Allin & Sting vs. himself & his regular tag partner Luchasaurus next week at Grand Slam to rectify that issue once and for all.

We’ll let creepier folks than us follow-up on the bikini pics one. As for the match, it wasn’t included in the rundown for Grand Slam Dynamite. But we assume that means it will be coming our way on next Friday’s Grand Slam Rampage.

Entertaining as this all is, we’re also wondering about the end game. When Cage & the widow Wayne hook up, will Nick welcome his new dad into the family? Or will their hostilities continue?

Let us know what you think in the comments. On your way down there, check out the rest of the highlights from Sept. 13’s Dynamite in the following playlist:

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  • The Invisible Hand, Don Callis, debuts his new masterpiece and next target!
  • Women’s 4-Way Eliminator for a shot at Saraya’s AEW Women’s title!
  • Le Sex Gods, Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara reminisce before AEW Grand Slam!
  • Mogul Embassy’s Brian Cage takes on Hangman Adam Page for the 3rd time!
  • Could Allin & Wayne get back on the same page against Menard & Parker?
  • Tournament Finals! Samoa Joe & Roderick Strong for a trip to AEW Grand Slam!

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