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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Sept. 13, 2023): Grand Slam Eliminators

Roderick Strong’s X

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live tonight (Sept. 13) at 8pm ET on TBS.

AEW will be at Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati as the move towards both next week’s Grand Slam special and Oct. 1’s Wrestledream PPV.

The show will feature Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong in the finals of the World Title Eliminator Tournament for a shot at MJF in Queens, and Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida for the right to take on Women’s champ Saraya at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

We’ll also get Jon Moxley’s latest International title defense, this one against Big Bill. DOn Callis will reveal his next masterpiece — and Konosuke Takeshita’s next target. Hangman Page will go one-on-one with Brian Cage, and more!

Come right back here at 8pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I believe my love for you is a love that will last forever, an’ I’m here to testify I’m a prisoner of your heart. Baby don’t you believe when I tell you I love you, that I really mean it. Don’t you walk away, ‘cause I have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

“Big” Bill Morrissey vs. Jon Moxley (c) (AEW International Championship)

Moxley problem with elbows, into the corner, Morrissey shoves him away! Double birds from Jon, more forearms, Bill slaps him across the face and sends him flying! Mounted punches, clubbing blow, disdainful kick, drawing Mox up and hammering him with an overhand chop!

Jon returning chops of his own, off the ropes, crossbody, Morrissey catches him and hits a fallaway slam! Corner body avalanche, off the ropes, Mox with an uppercut, a lariat, another lariat, but Bill cuts him off with a knee and blasts him to the floor with a big boot!

Ricky Starks with a cheap shot at ringside, Jon recovers, headlock on Bill but he gets thrown into the timekeeper’s table and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Jon Moxley covered with blood, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles and he hits a superplex! Bill with a Bossman Slam in the aftermath... NOPE! Big boot, Jon pops up and goes forehead-to-forehead, trading right hands with abandon! Block a boot, he takes Morrissey down with a lariat... SO CLOSE!

Overhead elbows into a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, break it, Ace Crusher... BIG BILL FALLS TO THE FLOOR! Jon up top, Ricky Starks crotches him, Morrissey back inside, big boot... NOT ENOUGH! BRYAN DANIELSON RUNS DOWN TO EVEN THE ODDS AND BEATS STARKS DOWN!

Moxley with a schoolboy for two, off the second, caught in a chokeslam... ONLY TWO! Big Bill mounted punches, flipping the bird at the crowd, Jon locks a triangle choke on while Danielson holds on to Starks to keep him out of the ring!

Jon Moxley wins by submission with a triangle choke.

Post-match, Starks and Morrissey turn the tide and beat Mox down but Bryan recovers and Claudio Castagnoli makes the save! Claudio staggers Bill on the apron but Ricky pulls him down and saves him from Blackpool Combat Club.

Roderick Strong and the Kingdom are interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette, who is incredibly cute tonight in a white shirtwaist and a cropped leather jacket.

Before he can say much, Adam Cole rolls up to ask Roddy to reconsider because Samoa Joe might break his neck, and Strong scoffs at him.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with a painting with a cloth covering it, and he introduces Don Callis, who makes his entrance with Konosuke Takeshita in tow.

Callis says there’ve been many great aces over the years but Takeshita is better than all of ‘em. Better than Rikidozan, Maeda, Sakaguchi, Choshu, Okada, and Inoki, and beating Kenny Omega twice in seven days makes Konosuke not just an ace, but the Alpha.

Don reveals the next target of the Callis Family as former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Kenny Omega’s living, breathing heart, Kota Ibushi, and he reveals a painting of Ibushi cowering as Takeshita stabs what appears to be a wakizashi downwards at him.

He says they’re going to butcher and burn and skin Kota, and while they’re spilling his blood, Kenny will be a home watching like the pathetic cuck that he is. Callis stabs the painting right in Kota’s face with the screwdriver.

Takeshita shoves a bouquet of roses in Tony’s face for some reason.

Blackpool Combat Club are interviewed backstage.

Bryan Danielson says BCC love it when things escalate and he challenges Starks and Morrissey to a tag match against him and Claudio on Collision this week. (Team Uppercut baby!) Jon Moxley says title matches are easy work and Rey Fenix comes up yelling about how he’s gonna win, referees and security pulling him away.

Quietly in the background, Eddie Kingston walks up and stares Claudio in the face and tells him one more week.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Renee Paquette interviews HOOK.

Before he can speak, Orange Cassidy rolls up.

He’s just walking around and he saw HOOK all mad and he wants to know why he’s running around all mad. HOOK tells him he was a great champion, Orange says he is too, and they fistbump. Orange tells Renee he’s so tired.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose vs. Toni Storm (AEW Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Baker and Shida working together to try and take Rose out, they fail, Storm runs in to pose and Nyla shoves her! Hikaru back on her feet, attacking Toni, Rose sends Baker to the apron but gets low-bridged to the floor after! Hikaru and Britt jawing over the ropes, Toni shoves them into each other and Baker crashes into Nyla on the floor!

Shida off the top, diving crossbody wipes everybody out and we go to break!

Back from commercial, we’re paired off again, Rose draws Baker up, she ducks a lariat, hook kick catches her, Storm with a German suplex for Britt and a hip attack for Nyla but Shida runs in and hits a brainbuster on her! Baker squares up with Hikaru, Rose and Toni chop block the both of them!

Nyla hits the Beast Bomb on Toni and pulls back to make sure she eats a Penalty Kick from Shida! Back to the cover, only two, chokeslam on the doctor! Hikaru reverses the Beast Bomb, cover for two! Sliding knee, back and forth, Toni slides in and takes advantage...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall with a folding press on Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, becoming #1 contender to the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Post-match, Shida shoves Baker and Britt grabs her kendo stick and leaves.

Renee Paquette interviews Saraya and Ruby Soho backstage.

Saraya congratulates Toni and says she’s proud but things are different from a year ago when Storm was the champion and she was a newcomer. Toni lost everything, including her mind, and she is crazy. But she’s also going to lose her match next week, because Saraya isn’t going to lose the title.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Le Sex Gods make their entrance to talk to us.

Chris Jericho gets on the mic and talks up their match against each other next week. Lots of history behind this match, they’ve been together for four years, through highs and lows, ups and downs and ups again, and they wanted to remind us of some of the great memories through the years, and Jericho tosses to a video package on the tron.

Sammy Guevara has a confession— he still doesn’t know the lyrics to Judas. Jericho tells him he wasn’t in key either and to not worry about it. Chris talks about seeing Sammy on the NWA 70th Anniversary show and he was so blown away that he called Tony Khan to tell him they needed to sign Guevara right then and there.

He knew Sam had what it took to be a big star and he wanted to help him out as much as he possibly could. He’s seen Guevara mature from a boy into a man and start a family, and he’s really proud of him and what he’s accomplished. Sammy thanks him and says he knows the typical wrestling thing is to talk some trash, but he doesn’t want to.

Chris is his friend and he’s inspired him, he used to do Codebreakers in the back yard, and he wanted to thank Jericho for changing his life, because without Chris Jericho, there is no AEW. But he didn’t get into wrestling to be his sidekick, he wants people to look at him the way they look at Moxley, Danielson, and yes, Jericho.

And that’s why needs to beat him next week. Chris says everything is true but he was never brought here to be his sidekick, he was brought in to be a money-making draw and a main event player and he gets closer every week. That’s why he told him months ago that he has to do it on his own, and next week he has his biggest opportunity to do that.

He admits Sammy has to beat him to get to the next level, but to do that he’s gonna have to be better than he ever has before. But he doesn’t think Guevara is ready yet. Sammy says there it is, that’s why he has to win, because Chris doesn’t respect him the same way he respects Jericho.

That’s why he’s gonna beat him, as the man he is right now, and he’s gonna earn his respect, they’re gonna shake hands, hug, and win some tag titles. Jericho shakes his hand and pulls him in for a staredown, nose to nose! Y2J wants to make something clear— next week he’s gonna give him the match of his life, and he’s not going to go easy on him.

He’s going to beat the hell out of him, punch him harder than he’s ever punched before, and he expects the exact same in return. Sam says he wouldn’t want it any other way, and they kiss.

No, they don’t actually kiss, but wouldn’t it have been cool?

We get a recap of MJF not being cleared to travel this week and prophesying that Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe would make the finals, as they have. He promises Joe that if he wins the tournament, he’ll choke him out. He does some Steiner math to prove it.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Brian Cage

Cage hammering Page in the corner, whip across, boot up on the charge, Brian blocks another boot and clocks him with an elbow! Back suplex, Hangman lands on his feet and the boot connects this time! Cage bowls him over, drop down, low-bridge sends the Machine to the floor!

Triangle lariat takes two tries but it connects, dive to the floor, caught, Cage rams him into the post and then goes for a powerbomb but Adam reverses into a Frankensteiner into the post! Back inside, Brian choking him in the ropes, Page with a Frankensteiner to put him in the ropes, off the ropes, Tiger feint kick connects!

Lining him up, Shane Strickland entrance for the distraction, Cage with a German suplex and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Cage with a Bossman Slam, cover for two! Off the ropes, Page slides under and cracks him one but Brian hits a snap scoop powerslam! Springboard moonsault, nobody home! Off the ropes, duck a lariat, Adam hits a Cactus Clothesline and they both crash to the floor!

Hangman up on the apron, climbing the turnbuckles, Cage back in, diving crossbody, caught, he curls Page a few times but Adam reverses to a crucifix driver! Dropkick sends Cage into the barricade, Hangman off the top with the Orihara moonsault! Diving crossbody back inside, cover for two!

German suplex from the Machine, Page in the ropes, he trips Cage up and lines him up, boot connects, slingshot countered, fireman’s carry reversed, small package... NOPE! Deadeye connects...

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Deadeye.

Post-match, Hangman gets on the mic.

He talks about the passion and drive oozing out of Strickland’s body while he broods at the top of the ramp. Last week Shane said he wanted his spot but he won’t fight him? Last week for one second he thought Swerve had some balls but after tonight he thinks he’s got them stowed away in Prince Nana’s Burger King-ass crown.

Strickland gets on the mic and calls Page a turd, as one does. He says that sounds like fighting words, and he must be stupider than the Cincinatti education system as well. They do this when he says, where he says, and it just so happens he chooses the great state that birthed him.

October 1, in Seattle, at WrestleDream, he’s ready to fight Hangman. He’ll make sure Page doesn’t get comfortable, so the Mogul Embassy is gonna tune him up a little bit. Brian Cage attacks Hangman from behind and Prince Nana joins in, landing a few stomps of his own before dancing while Brian chokes Adam!

The Young Bucks make the save and Cage eats a Superkick Party while Nana keeps dancing! He turns around and eats a Superkick Party of his own!

Renee Paquette interviews Daniel Garcia backstage.

He thought she was going to talk about him but instead she’s talking about Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho. He wants to talk about how he’s gone viral and his career is climbing.

Don Callis rolls up and says he’d love to hear about Dan’s career and talks about creating a meritocracy in the Don Callis Family. Garcia shushes him and dances in his face, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Jade Cargill’s return.

2.0 (“Cool Hand” Angelo Parker & “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard) vs. Darby Allin & Nick Wayne

Wayne and Parker to start, collar and elbow, into the ropes, clean break and Christian Cage makes his entrance, flanked by Luchasaurus as usual. Angelo takes advantage to beat Nick down as Cage joins the commentary desk! 2.0 stacking Wayne up in the corner and they work him over at length and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Nick is still on the wrong side of town as 2.0 go to work on him! Allin tags in, Coffin Splash takes them both out, charging at both corners, stacking ‘em up and landing a dropkick! Strike rush on Parker sets up a Yoshi Tonic for two! Wayne tags back in, Wayne’s World connnects but Menard pulls him off the pin!

Darby with a cannonball off the apron to take Daddy Magic out, tag in, both men up top, stereo dives...

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne win by pinfall with a Coffin Drop from Allin on Angelo Parker.

Post-match, Christian Cage gets on the mic and tells Nick Wayne that he was scrolling through his mom’s Instagram account and a couple things bothered him— first, his mom doesn’t post enough bikini pics but he sent her a special request on the side. The other is there’s still a lot of talk about Darby and Sting’s big victory and it’s starting to piss him off.

As a franchise player here, it’s kind of embarrassing. He reminds us that he didn’t take the loss and he didn’t have his usual partner, so he proposes a rematch— Allin and Sting vs. Cage and Luchasaurus next week in New York.

Commentary hypes up our next week worth of shows and we get a recap of the Grand Slam eliminator tournament thus far and we go to break.

Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe (AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Finals)

Joe with a wristlock, headbutts into the ropes, clean break and an evil smile! Collar and elbow, Samoa shoves him away and Strong bails to the floor for a pep talk from the Kingdom! Back inside briefly, he runs away again, back again, stomps in the corner and chops in the ropes!

Off the ropes, Joe cuts him down with an uppercut, Tenryu jabs in the corner and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Strong gets a reverse chinlock, cover in the aftermath, only two! Standing neck crank, trading right hands, off the ropes, Joe with a Manhattan Drop into the senton... NOPE! Boot up, enzuigiri, Roddy off the ropes, repeated elbows take Samoa off his feet!

Rising knee in the corner, Joe clubs him down, Strong with a neckbreaker drop... SO CLOSE! Sidestep the charge, Samoa catches him with the Rock Bottom out of the corner! Fired up, putting Roddy in the corner, he has to fend Mike Bennett off and Strong gets an Olympic Slam! Off the ropes, Sick Kick... STILL NO!

Roddy waiting for him to get up and Samoa cuts him down! Coquina Clutch in the middle of the ring...

Samoa Joe wins by submission with the Coquina Clutch, becoming #1 contender to the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, Joe gets on the mic and calls Maxwell Jacob Friedman out.

He says his little prophecy has come true, and next week he’s coming for him in his back yard. He’s going to walk him down, beat him up, and take everything he has. Everything.

He leaves, and Adam Cole makes his entrance.

Roderick Strong immediately falls over clutching his neck as soon as he sees Cole and things escalate to him being stretchered out while the Kingdom berate Adam.

Joe attacks Cole from behind when he gets to the stage and he tells Max this is what he meant by everything! He chokes Adam out with the Coquina Clutch!

Commentary hypes up upcoming cards and Cole is just barely recovering.

That’s the show, folks.

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