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Bryan Danielson may just become a part timer

Bryan Danielson made a surprise announcement on AEW Collision this week, revealing he plans to make the next year the best of his career because he told his daughter he would wrap things up when she turns seven-years-old.

She is six now.

He’ll get what we’re to believe will be his final run started with a dream match against Zack Sabre Jr at WrestleDream in his neck of the woods in Seattle on Oct. 1. I say “we’re to believe” because there are already reports being published calling into question the nature of what he really meant when he talked about wrapping up his career.


But the announcement is open to some interpretation. Multiple people close to the situation confirmed with Sports Illustrated that Danielson will be stepping away from wrestling full-time in the next year, yet may remain a special attraction for AEW.

If there’s one thing we know about Danielson, it’s that he truly loves professional wrestling. If he can find the right balance with his family, it’s not hard to imagine him making a part-time schedule work.

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