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Bryan Danielson reveals William Regal is still in Blackpool Combat Club’s group chat

William Regal’s Twitter

While we anxiously await his return to our screens, Bryan Danielson is at least back doing some media. He spoke to SI’s Justin Barrasso about something very near & dear to his heart — the Blackpool Combat Club.

Their discussion reveals how much thought Danielson, and presumably others in the group, have put into what makes the BCC different from other pro wrestling stables and alliances. For instance, it seems that while others may have said they’re “4 Life”, Bryan thinks his current squad really is.

“I love this group. This should be a group that never breaks up. Mox and I have wrestled since the BCC started, we wrestled in the championship tournament [last fall]. That didn’t cause any disturbances in the BCC. That’s the story of the BCC. When the BCC loses, we’ll shake hands and go back to training the next day.”

Even the man who inspired their name during his brief AEW run. William Regal may be a WWE employee again, but he’s still chatting with Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta:

“Our connection as a group feels real. That’s because it is. The story is we train together and we make each other better. The reality is that wrestling together, we do make each other better.

“Even when Regal left, we didn’t break. And he’s still on our BCC group chat.”

Sadly, Bryan didn’t share any messages from the BCC group chat. Feel free to imagine some those exchanges yourself, and to share them in the comments below.

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