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Young Bucks admit The Elite had disagreements when choosing between AEW and WWE

AEW Dynamite

During an interview on the Swerve City Podcast, the Young Bucks discussed The Elite’s majority rules voting pact that resulted in them re-signing with AEW as a group.

Matt and Nick Jackson said they really didn’t know if they were going to stay in AEW, and they sometimes disagreed with each other during the negotiating process:

Matt: “Bro, we didn’t even know if we were gonna re-sign. You know what I mean? We had no idea...Hangman [Page] and Kenny [Omega], the four of us, we negotiated together, as a team.”

Nick: “Yeah, we were gonna stick together...all four of us, we all agreed, we’re sticking together, whatever we do.”

Matt: “And the votes did not line up every time. Because we said majority wins on this. And there was a lot of emotions in the last year, as the world knows. So one day, this person’s voting to leave, this person’s voting to go. [Nick and I] weren’t even on the same page the whole time. So, it was crazy...”

Nick: “Well I’ll say this. There was many times where Matt just said, you know what I have enough. I’m ready to just retire. And I had to talk him out of that. I talked him out of retiring.”

Matt: “I’ve been toying with that for a long time. And he even told me, let’s just do at least one more big one.”

The Bucks also said that WWE being so hot helps the wrestlers get bigger money contracts right now, and they are hoping to see numbers in the industry keep going up from here with escalating TV rights fees.

Do you believe that the Young Bucks really had no idea about their future in AEW before they re-signed? Let us know what you think in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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