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AEW Collision results, live blog (Aug. 5, 2023): CM Punk Real World title defense

Tony Khan’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Aug. 5) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina.

Tonight, as they go head-to-head with WWE SummerSlam, CM Punk will defend his “Real” World championship against Ricky Starks! Plus, FTR is back in action with their AEW Tag belts on the line against Big Bill & Brian Cage, while Kris Statlander faces Mercedes Martinez in a TBS title tilt. Plus, we’ll hear from The Acclaimed for the first time since Billy Gunn’s retirement tease.... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


All hands on deck kind of night, so you get the live blogging b-team. Let’s get a little action in, shall we fellow Colliders?

We start with messages from the principals. CM Punk, Ricky Starks, Prince Nana (for Big Bill & Brian Cage), and FTR. Cash Wheeler’s mom is in the house, so he says the Tag champs can’t lose.

That match will get us started!

FTR (c) vs. Big Bill & Brian Cage for the AEW World Tag Team championship

Ian Riccaboni & Nigel McGuiness remind us that this the Top Guys third defense in as many weeks. The South Carolina crowd is definitely in the North Carolina boys corner. Wheeler starts with Cage... after hugging his mom. Cash can’t put The Machine down, os he tags in his partner. Dax Harwood does a little better, even getting a couple two counts. But after another tag, FTR combined can’t knock the ROH 6-Man champ down. Tag to Bill and Wheeler gets rocked by the seven footer.

He gets free with a missile drop kick and gets to his corner. The champs maximize the five count for some double teams, dumping Cage to the outside, but they can’t get Bill up for the Shatter Machine/Big Rig. He proceeds to throw Cash onto Dax in the ring, then Dax onto Cash outside the ring as we go to picture-in-picture.

Challengers continue to dominate on the small screen, and Bill is kicking Cash’s ass in front of mama when we return. She can’t smiling, which telegraphs the fact she’s about to slap him after a taunt, but it’s a fun spot anyway.

That continues until we get back in the ring and the heels spend a little too much time after a tag, allowing Wheeler to get some separation. Hot tag to Dax, who’s roll is slowed when Bill grabs him, so he bites the big man! Cage in for a striking exchange that Harwood gets the better of Cage. Dax gets him up for the Steinerizer, but they only get two!

In the chaos after that, the challengers regain control. Stereo power moves in the ring, they dump FTR to the outside, and Brian Cage flies to take them both out on the floor. He gets Cash back in but can’t keep him down for three. Malfunction at the junction as Cage bumps Bill off the apron, Shatter Machine/Big Rig on Cage!

FTR def. Brian Cage & Big Bill via pinfall to retain the AEW World Tag titles

Harwood on the stick, says they’re gonna get in a little trouble tonight but they’re in the Carolinas. Ten years ago they set out to be the best tag team in the world. After listing their accomplishments, they say there’s one more thing they need to do... and that’s beat The Young Bucks to win their trilogy... at Wembley Stadium!

Looks like we’re getting Bucks/FTR III at All In.

Video package on the Real World title match takes us to another break.

Tony Schiavone backstage with Juice Robinson and his Jay White standee. Switchblade shows up to knock that down. He kicks it to The Gunns to clown Schiavone (Austin’s “It’s Sting!” is pretty great, if I’m being honest), then they close with some trash talk about his opponent tonight, Metalik.

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez for the TBS championship

Striking exchange right off the top, and the champ has the veteran reeling. Up for a suplex, but Martinez counters. Statlander doesn’t connect with a flipping senton and seems to be in pain as Mercedes takes control. Comeback is quickly thwarted, and Martinez gets two by stacking Stat up after a slam.

Clubbing blows to the chest of the champion, and Martinez gets her hand in Statlander’s mouth to effect her breathing until referee Stephon Smith makes her release the hold. PiP time with Mercedes focusing on the champ’s neck.

More of the same while we’re away, but Statlander gets her second wind as soon as we’re back. Big blows put Martinez on her back foot, but she comes up empty on a dive off the apron. Stat momentarily gets some breathing room with an attack on the challenger’s knee, but Mercedes comes back to win a battle on the top and hit a spider suplex! Not enough, and Statlander fires back with a move that takes Ricabonni about ten seconds to list all the components of.

Back and forth with Martinez getting ready to go for the Brass City Sleeper, but Statlander counters and rolls her up!

Kris Statlander def. Merceds Martinez via pinfall to retain the TBS title

Martinez is jawing at Smith after the bell, believing she kicked out (it did look close). She attacks the champ, which brings out Diamante... who joins in on the beatdown of Statlander! Willow Nightingale runs out and the heels exit the ring.

Schiavone is backstage with a visibly shaken former Women’s World champion Toni Storm, her hair in curlers and wearing a robe. She says she won’t freak out, then proceeds to ask if she’s not talented and beautiful anymore... during which she proceeds to freak out. Tony tried to console her, but she’s not interested. Storm ends the interview and exits.

Samoa Joe vs. Serpentico

It takes the ROH TV champ less than ten seconds.

Samoa Joe def. Serpentico via submission

Joe gets a microphone to say they have a problem, because he doesn’t have a match for Wembley. He runs through his history with CM Punk, saying while Punk was telling people he was the Best in the World, he knew in his heart it was him. He lost the chance to prove that during The Owen, but their legacy deserves more than a roll-up. Joe asks Punk to give him a match at All In, but he’s only extending this courtesy for one week. Then he’ll make Punk give him what he wants.

Andrade El Ídolo hype video and a rundown of our remaining matches takes us to commercial.

After that, Tony S is back for a sitdown with The Acclaimed. Anthony Bowens & Max Caster are sitting here with Billy Gunn’s boots. Bowens said they’ve spoken to Billy, but he won’t take his boots back or change his mind.

Schiavone asks if Gunn said why, and Billy told them it’s because he blames himself for their losing the Tag titles, and cost them the Trios belts. They think maybe they failed Gunn though. They were two guys trying to find themselves on the roster, and he believed in them and made them believe in themselves. They’re going to keep fighting, carrying his boots with them to the ring every week.

Bowens asks Billy to throw his fingers up on his couch for one last long distance Daddy Ass scissoring.

House of Black (c) vs. Action Andretti, Darius Martin & Lee Johnson for the AEW Trios championship

The challengers House Rules stipulation is to ban Julia Hart from ringside! Clever boys...

Brody King starts with Darius Martin, and that goes as well for the smaller man as you’d think. Until he lands a knee strike while King tries to pick him up by his neck. A crossbody off the top bounces off Brody, however. Tag to Malakai Black, tag to Action Andretti. Black evades and watches as Andretti sends Martin to the floor, then proceeds to dissect Action with his kickboxing repertoire.

Buddy Matthews in with a stomp, then blasts Andretti off the apron into the barricade as we get more commercials. King inflicts more punishment on the floor there before throwing him back in to Matthews. The champs tag in and out several times before we return, remaining in control throughout.

Faces get some shine when we return, and get the crowd fired up clearing the ring of all but King. He reels but doesn’t go down, and before long Brody tosses Martin into a kick from Malakai and that’s it.

House of Black def. Action Andretti, Darius Martin & Lee Johnson via pinfall to retain the AEW Trios titles

Next week, Ricabonni informs us that Tony Khan has booked House of Black to defend against CMFTR!

Schiavone is about to talk to Powerhouse Hobbs when QT Marshall & Harley Cameron roll up and dismiss the interviewer. They’re here for family business (making peace with Hobbs), which involves offering him the finest Cuban Linx and a match at All Out. Powerhouse says he doesn’t want anything from them, but takes the gold even though they can keep their help with getting him a Chicago booking.

After a break, Schiavone is back again with Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and a child that Christian informs us is his own daughter. He’s upset about Darby Allin mentoring an 18 year old child, but is interrupted by his daughter asking if she can hold his belt. Cage asks if she won it, and since she didn’t he tells her to go find her mother... and tells security that she’s not credentialed and shouldn’t be backstage.

The Gunns are here with cardboard Switchblade (aka Cardblade) to join commentary for our next match.

Jay White vs. Metalik

Switchblade survives an early flurry to throw Metalik out to Juice Robinson on the floor for some Rock Hard taunting. Backbreaker gets two while McGuinness asks Austin & Colten why FTR is challenging The Bucks instead of them (The Gunns say they’ve beaten the Top Guys and they’re afraid of them).

Juice is calling for White to unmask Metalik, telling him to show the world how ugly he is. The King of the Ropes gets rolling, hitting a hurricanrana after walking the ropes and countering a charge with Asai Moonsault to the outside. That was Metalik’s moment, as back in the ring he quickly gets caught to set-up Bladerunner.

Jay White def. Metalik via pinfall

A rundown of the card for next Wednesday ends with a video package for Anna Jay ahead of her shot at new AEW Women’s World champion Hikaru Shida. In addition to the big Trios title bout, next Saturday will feature Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale against Mercedes Martinez & Diamante and The Acclaimed in action.

Main event time, and Jim Ross is back to call it! His first responsibility is introducing his friend Ricky Steamboat. The Hall of Famer and tonight’s Special Outside Referee/Enforcer shakes Nigel & Ian’s hands before going around the desk to hug JR.

CM Punk (c?) vs. Ricky Starks for the Real AEW World championship

Full championship introductions as this one is going to get nearly a half hour (minus any post-match extracurriculars). Punk quickly sends Starks to the floor after the bell, then holds the ropes for him as Greenville does dueling cheers for the combatants.

Punks clowns Starks mannerisms as he plays mind games with his younger opponent, but Ricky (oh, I guess I can’t call him that tonight. Ricky S doesn’t work either) doesn’t seem flustered by any of it. Big armdrags send Punk to the outside while Starks does his own poses, then mocks Punk’s with an “X” and the “Go To Sleep” taunt. Back in, Starks with a kick to the bread basket when Punk went to lock up. He goes for his finisher, but Punk counters into his. Clothesline from Absolute sends them both to the floor as we go PiP.

Punk regains control while we were away. He sends Starks into the seats and lays in some strikes when he climbs back in. Steamboat calls for the break, leading to a tense moment between the Hall of Famer and the Best in the World while the announcers remind us of their ROH history. Back in and then back out with Starks being the one doing the sending this time. Steamboat checks on Punk, who’s selling damage to the midsection. That continues inside with a Starks bear hug. Punk gets whipped into the turnbuckles in between Starks standing on his stomach.

Crossbody counter gets two, and Punk lands a shoulder before Starks uses the ropes to counter a suplex. Steamboat points that out, leading to a moment between him and Starks. Time for more ads on the big screen while wrestling’s on the small one.

The champ superplexes the challenger shortly after we return, but that aggravates his back/stomach issues and he’s slow to cover, only getting two. Punk punches knock Starks down, and he’s rolling after hitting a swinging neckbreaker, the corner high knee and the running bulldog, but that doesn’t get it done either. Punk climbs for the elbow, but takes enough time to allow Starks to get up. A weird looking counter gets Starks a nearfall.

Punk pulls down the kneepad for another high knee, but Absolute plays possum and catches him for a powerbomb. But that’s not enough to get three either! Starks walks the top rop with wrist control, but Punk pulls him in for a GTS. Starks escapes, charges, but Punk moves and he goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Kick to the head, one-two-no!

Piledriver attempt by the Best in the World, but an Alabama Slam counter gets two. Up for a Roshambo attempt, but Punk slips out the back and in the ensuing action Stephon Smith gets knocked out! Starks goes for rope assisted pin, but Steamboat waives it off. Punk rolls Starks up after that, it takes a little while for The Dragon to get in an make the count, but Absolute’s shoulder stay down the whole time.

CM Punk def. Ricky Starks via pinfall to retain the Real AEW World title

Steamboat raised Punk’s hand, and they’re making their way out of the ring when Starks blast them both. Punk goes to the floor and Absolute goes to work on the Hall of Famer, eventually ripping his belt off his pants to whip him before Punk makes the save with a chair.

Punk calls for Doc Sampson, and Starks makes his way back to the ring with the belt. Punk leaves the ring to chase him away, throwing the chair at him! The announcers speak in solemn tones about The Dragon’s condition, and Punk is incensed. McGuinness suggests this was all Punk’s fault.

Steamboat sells as his music plays, and we’re reminded again about CMFTR vs. House of Black for the Trios titles.

Collision out.

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