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The Young Bucks new AEW deals said to include highest guarantee ever for a tag team

Matt & Nick Jackson got more guaranteed money than Kevin Nash & Scott Hall got from WCW, according to a man who represented both teams.

Young Bucks’ Twitter

We knew we’d continue to hear more about The Elite’s new contracts with AEW after they were announced on Wednesday, and sure enough — we have.

Adding on to what he shared about Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page’s decision process on a recent podcast, Dave Meltzer included an anecdote about The Bucks’ deal in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Long-time wrestling agent Barry Bloom, who represents The Elite, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross & others, reportedly told Matt & Nick Jackson their new deal included more guaranteed money than “any tag team in pro wrestling history had ever gotten, and that would include the highest contracts for Kevin Nash & Scott Hall in WCW.”

It could just be an agent gassing up his clients about the contract he just helped negotiate for them, but Bloom knows of what he speaks. Nash himself has credited Bloom for helping him & Hall get The Outsiders’ industry-changing deal with WCW in the 1990s, which not only featured rare-at-the-time guaranteed money, but also clauses that said WCW had to ensure Hall & Nash remained among their highest paid stars throughout the term of the contracts.

Now, what neither Meltzer nor Bloom mention is whether that accounts for inflation in the more than quarter century since The Outsiders signed with Ted Turner & Eric Bischoff. But presumably the “ever” part means the agent’s got a pretty good knowledge of the guarantees tag teams have gotten in the past ten or so years, too.


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