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Tony Khan on Mercedes Moné, an All Out/All In PPV bundle, and more

AEW’s head honcho couldn’t talk about CM Punk much on today’s media call, but he did talk about several other interesting topics.

Bleacher Report

When AEW owner, president & booker Tony Khan jumped on his pre-All Out call with the media today (Aug. 31), he was hit early and often with questions about CM Punk and the incident that took place between Punk and Jack Perry last Sunday at All In.

Khan didn’t say much on those topics (and totally “no comment”-ed a question about his own alleged argument with Punk at Wembley Stadium), but he did speak at length on many others.

Here’s some highlights/notes:

• Regarding the Wrestledream PPV he announced after All In, Khan said he’s spoken to Bushiroad and remains hopeful they’ll have New Japan wrestlers on the Antonio Inoki tribute show. He brought up Mercedes Moné, who he called “one of the best wrestlers on the planet”. Khan doesn’t think Moné will be cleared by Oct. 1 for Wrestledream, but overall made it sound all but official that they former Sasha Banks will be wrestling in AEW ASAP.

• He wanted to bundle All In & All Out in on PPV offering, but was surprised to learn providers couldn’t or wouldn’t do. While it does look like he plans to run the two shows on consecutive weekends again in 2024, he hinted that All Out could be on a different platform next year.

• Khan spoke at length about Ring of Honor, putting over the hard work of all the brand’s champions. He said Billie Starkz is awaiting medical clearance for a recent injury, and if she can get the doctor’s okay soon he still hopes to have her challenge Athena for the ROH Women’s title on this Sunday’s Zero Hour pre-show.

All In London is on track to being AEW’s second best-selling PPV in company history. Khan claimed the Aug. 27 event brought in more money than any Starrcade ever did, and sold more tickets than any WrestleMania.

• Asked about the late Terry Funk, Khan called him one of the greatest ever and said he was a big fan. They never met, although Tommy Dreamer did try to get the together but it never happened.

• Khan didn’t want to run any shows other All In while they were in the United Kingdom for the first time, but indicated next year would be a different situation.

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