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Report: CM Punk ‘chewed out’ Tony Khan and told him he quits

All Elite Wrestling

The backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry at last weekend’s (Aug. 27) AEW: All In London event might finally prove to be the breaking point in the relationship between Punk and AEW President Tony Khan.

PW Torch reports that CM went in on his boss in front of others at All In, and may have crossed the line in the process:

“PWTorch has learned Punk confronted [Khan] in front of others and then in his locker room in what has been characterized as a heated, intense manner and, at one point, according to three sources who have heard about the situation, told Khan he quit and chewed out Khan with harsh phrasing.

After his match, there was an extended period of time without communication between Punk and Khan, which is unusual given in past situations the two at least communicated via text after blow-ups or backstage situations. We haven’t heard if there has been communication since then.

There are no indications that Khan has directly communicated with Punk since Punk lashed out at him in his locker room before his match at All In.”

Later wording in the report indicates that Punk’s chewing out of Khan occurred before he got physical with Perry.

“Since Punk’s match was next, they would have naturally been near each other when Punk headed toward the entrance tunnel, but there are conflicting reports regarding who made their way toward the other for the confrontation. Punk was worked up at that point, having just had it out with Khan, according to multiple sources.”

There are stories out there about AEW providing poor travel accommodations for Punk when he arrived in London, so perhaps there were other things on Punk’s mind besides Jack Perry when he was chewing out Khan.

If the details in this report are accurate, will Tony Khan stand for his worker dressing him down in front of a group of other people like this? Will Tony ask CM if he has a problem and wants to take it outside?

Let us know in the comments below what you think this means for the future of Punk’s relationship with Khan and AEW, Cagesiders.

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