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CM Punk’s friend was ‘really mad’ and broke his hand at All In

AEW: All In London

There’s another strange story coming out of the backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry just a few days ago at AEW: All In London.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez was discussing the locker room’s reaction to the incident when he dropped in this interesting nugget:

“Boy, this put a damper on the whole show for a lot of the talent...Somebody was really mad, allegedly, when everything happened, and it was a friend of Punk’s. And they ended up, like, punching a wall and broke their hand or something like that. I mean, there was a cloud over this entire show among the talent, because they wanted to have a fun show.”

PW Insider then reported that Brody King suffered a broken hand at Wembley Stadium. Given the fact that Brody is a close friend of CM, some folks concluded that King must be the friend in question who broke his hand punching real glass a wall.

Alvarez did confirm that Brody is the friend he was talking about, but he was later told by others that King’s injury actually happened during his match against The Acclaimed and Badass Billy Gunn, and not because he punched a wall in anger.

“Regarding the story of Brody King punching a wall and breaking his hand, I have had people deny it, and say he kicked a garbage can in the aftermath of what happened, largely due to frustration that it happened in the first place, and that his hand was injured on the guardrail during his match.”

Okay then.

Did you punch a wall in frustration after you heard that CM Punk and Jack Perry got physical backstage at All In? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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