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MJF mocks his fake WWE name before the entire AEW roster thanks Tony Khan

AEW celebrated its 200th episode of Dynamite last night on a broadcast that was capped off with Hikaru Shida becoming a two-time women’s world champion.

After the show went off the air, Chris Jericho brought AEW President Tony Khan down to the ring for what turned out to be the entire roster thanking him for leading AEW to this point.

As part of that thank you, AEW World Champion MJF also grabbed a mic and said before AEW existed, WWE was the only place to make real money in pro wrestling. The champ joked about how that could have meant WWE giving him the name Mordecai Schmeckel Jr. and making him wear a dreidel.

Khan responded to the roster’s gesture of gratitude by calling it “one of the most important nights of my life” and declaring his love for pro wrestling.

It’s cool to see AEW make it to 200 pretty darn good episodes of Dynamite. Let’s hope the next 200 episodes are even better!

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