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The Elite formed a ‘majority rules’ pact to stick together in AEW or WWE, and it went ‘back-and-forth’

AEW Dynamite

Sports Illustrated’s scoop on The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, the Young Bucks) re-signing with AEW included some quotes from the AEW originals about how they made this decision together.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer has a little more on this detail, noting that The Elite formed a majority rules pact regarding their futures in pro wrestling, and staying in AEW was not the foregone conclusion that many fans assumed it to be:

“The four guys had made a pact that they were gonna stick together, whether it would be in WWE or AEW. They basically had made an agreement that it was gonna be majority rules.

And it had gone back-and-forth, but essentially, whatever it was, I don’t know if it’s three of the four, or four of the four, made the deal. But they all had agreed that they were gonna go together as a group, either to WWE, or stay as a group [in AEW]. So it was not gonna be a split-up.

Views changed. People who think that it was like, oh they were never gonna go...there were discussions, there were votes that changed, there were things that happened, since this pact was made...”

Given the fact that The Elite had several months left to negotiate new deals with AEW before their contracts expired, Meltzer concludes that AEW President Tony Khan must have blown them away with the financial offer:

“Obviously the numbers financially were very high...because they had until the end of the year to negotiate. So obviously AEW and Tony [Khan] wanted them signed now and made it worth their while financially to sign now. And he did the same thing with RUSH. He is not shying away from spending money whatsoever. It’s not like that there’s thoughts of cutting back or anything like that...

If [The Elite] thought that WWE was going to make an offer substantially better, they would listen. WWE could not legally make an offer to any of them because they’re still under contract...WWE did have interest in all of them, especially Omega.”

It’s not clear to me what The Elite went back-and-forth on and changed votes on if WWE never made them an offer and is innocent of tampering, but I’ll leave it up to you to give me your best guess on what that’s all about in the comments below.

What do you make of The Elite’s pact to stick together, Cagesiders?

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