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AEW All In results: HOOK reclaims the FTW title

The FTW title was on the line in the second match on All In’s Zero Hour pre-show today (Aug. 27) in London’s Wembley Stadium.

Jack Perry was defending the title against HOOK, the previous champion and the son of the man who created it, Taz. He also created the FTW Rules the belt is contested under, which meant things got hardcore quick. The match started around and on the limousine the former Jungle Boy arrived in.

Both men landed shots with limo spots, with Perry taunting ECW and RVD fans by hitting Rolling Thunder before getting cut when HOOK dropped him on the windshield (this would be an impactful decision by young Mr. Perry... more here).

Neither got a three count, and Perry took control with a draping DDT off the barricade. That got them back in the ring where Jack again made like Rob Van Dam... just long enough to anger the tens of thousands in attendance by denying them Coast to Coast.

He stayed in control but couldn’t put HOOK away. When he missed a moonsault, the former champion struck, nailing Perry with a garbage can shot...

...then laying in crossface forearms to soften his ex-tag partner for Redrum. Jack fought for a while, but had no choice but to tap.

The FTW title is back where it belongs.

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