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More squash matches, please!

At some point, pro wrestling on television became much less about just smashing guys over and much more about every damn match on the card featuring an endless back-and-forth between two wrestlers regardless if they’re evenly matched. This week’s episode of AEW Collision made me remember why squash matches are so effective but also that a squash match is, in and of itself, hugely entertaining.

First, we had Big Bill tossing Vary Morales around with ease, with a stupid impressive big boot and then holding him up in the sky and walking him around before choke slamming his ass:


Later, we had Zicky Dice, the big oaf, thinking he could get cute with Keith Lee and finding out:

That’s just beautiful.

Pro wrestling can be many things, and one of the things I find I enjoy the most is when big meaty men are just throwing that meat around and hurting people with it. They always look much more impressive for having done so.

A win for everybody.

Anyway, here are all the videos from AEW Collision this week:

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