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Who Tony Khan trusts to book AEW if he can’t

AEW’s YouTube

AEW head honcho Tony Khan seems to have gotten better about delegating responsibility in his growing pro wrestling business, but for good or bad, the buck still stops with him.

Does he have a back-up plan in mind for creative in the event he’s ever unable to book an episode or episodes of Dynamite, Rampage, Collision, Ring of Honor, or an AEW or ROH PPV event?

Khan told The Hollywood Reporter he’s given one man’s name to his father (auto parts magnate and Jackson Jaguars & Fulham FC owner Shad) should something happen to him:

“He hasn’t been around as much lately, because he’s been recovering from an injury. But if I got hit by a bus, or if I was ever incapacitated for some reason, the person I told my father that he should turn to is Bryan Danielson.”

If you’ve ever listened to Danielson talk wrestling, you can understand why TK would tap the American Dragon to fill in for or replace him. Khan confirmed reports earlier this year that Bryan had a voice in AEW creative, and even though he’s been off the road while he recuperates from the broken arm he suffered at Forbidden Door, the boss said he still talks to Danielson regularly.

What do you think of Danielson as Khan’s back-up plan, Cagesiders?

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