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AEW Collision results, live blog (Aug. 26, 2023): All In go home

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Aug. 26) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW’s on tape this Saturday since the whole team is already in the United Kingdom for tomorrow’s historic PPV from Wembley Stadium, All In. This show was taped after Dynamite last Wednesday from Duluth, Georgia’s Gas South Arena. Spoilers are here (choose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

Advertised for the show: CM Punk teams with Sting, Darby Allin & a MYSTERY PARTNER to take on Jay White, Luchasaurus, Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage in a battle full of All In foes — with Punk’s opponent Samoa Joe on commentary!

We’ll also see Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero M & Eddie Kingston warm up for Stadium Stampede against The Butcher, The Blade & Kip Sabian. And in a segment originally planned for Dynamite, Jack Perry plans on retiring the FTW title.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Geno here.

Saturday, fighting, all of it.

Jack Perry out first. He comes to the ring and the FTW title is surrounded by flowers and a sign is up. It says “RIP FTW” draped over the flowers set up near the sign.

“You suck” chants from the crowd.

“Good god, these things are never easy,” he starts. He says he felt responsible to come out and say a few nice words about the title. It was a good one. It had its up and downs. It’s also been near and dear to his heart. And when they look back on the title in 100 years, there will be a picture of his face right next to it.

Don’t be sad that it’s over — remember the good times.

And a tape rolled for it with Perry having taken a bunch of pics with the title and a soft soundtrack over it. “It’s so beautiful.” But it’s high time to send the title to a better place.

Then he pulls out a sledgehammer.

The lights go out just as he’s about to swing it.

It’s Hook!

He says that title is his and he’ll be back for it. When the video ends, Hook is in the ring and he slams Perry before sending him through the sign. Then he sets up the table in the corner and suplexes him through that too.

He grabs the mic and says “Wembley. Sunday.”

Hook vs. Perry at All In!

Orange Cassidy & Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero vs. Kip Sabian & The Butcher & The Blade

I missed the start of this. but came in with Sabian and Cassidy going back-and-forth into roll up reversals. Big superkick and Cassidy gets drawn into teamwork with Butcher & Blade while Sabian distracts the referee.

Orange battles and they got back into a ton of reversals. Yet again, though, Cassidy gets caught by Butcher with a knee in the ropes. Blade in and he goes to work.

Commercial break.

Back and Cassidy is trying hard to get to the corner for a tag. Sabian and Butcher rush over to pull Penta and Kingston off. Finally, he gets there and Penta comes in running wild with sling blades and a superkick. He gets taken out by Butcher, who demands Kingston gets in. They come together and collide bodies. Then they do it again. The next time, Butcher kicks him.

Kingston gets slaps in the corner, then they take turns getting the bad guys out and Sabian is all that’s left to take the Orange Punch and sliding lariat.

Cassidy & Kingston & Penta def. Sabian & Butcher & Blade via pinfall

Back from break and the Best Friends are calling out the sons of bitches for breaking mom’s van. They’ll make it quick — at Stadium Stampede they’re not coming to hug and have fun. No, they’re coming to hurt. And they’re going to do it for Sue.

Kingston took the mic next but Cassidy grabbed it off him.

Before he could speak, Jon Moxley was on the tron and said he wants Eddie to think for a second and remember he made the challenge for All In and Stadium Stampede. So why is he surprised that they brought in Santana & Ortiz.

Eddie gets out of the ring and storms to the back. Claudio says a few words while Kingston chases ‘em down.

He finally gets to the back demanding to know where they’re at. He’s throwing chairs all around, getting mad at cameramen for not telling him where they are. Then he sends a message to the camera saying he’s not surprised Santana & Ortiz turned but he’s still going to gut them. He tells Moxley to get out of his way because he doesn’t want to hurt him. He’s going to bury Wheeler Yuta. He’s going to save Claudio for last and he’s going to burn him.

Interview with FTR and The Young Bucks talking about their history and how they got to now.

Both claim to be the best tag team and at the stadium in London, they’ll figure it out.

John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Darius Martin & Action Andretti

Andretti shoots off the ropes to tackle Silver and runs into a brick wall. Headlock takeover into a crucifix pin attempt for two. Reynolds in and he hits a big clothesline. Top Flight take over with tag action, as Martin & Andretti work over Reynolds and then Silver to get him out.

Andretti roll up but Reynolds got the tag and Silver powerbombs him onto Reynolds’ raised legs for a two count.

Double leg takedown and Reynolds is back in to work over Andretti.

Commercial break.

Back and Andretti is trying for the hot tag but can’t get home. He slips under Reynolds and then goes over again and can’t get the tag again. Finally, he somersaults over to get it and Martin is a house afire. Gets a two count on Reynolds after a DDT deathdrop combo.

Blind tag and Andretti is in. They double team Reynolds. Martin sets him up with a brainbuster, then Andretti flips over into a splash for two, broken up by Silver. He breaks up the next sequence too, getting some vicious kicks in on Andretti, who quickly counters, hits the ropes, but gets uppercut into oblivion.

Martin’s turn to get up and go after it and they trade heavy shots all around before a double jackknife gets the finish.

Dark Order def. Top Flight via pinfall

A music video of The Acclaimed and Bad Ass Billy Gunn going after House of Black.

Big Bill vs. Vary Morales

You know the deal here.

Morales tried to come out hot, attacking first and flying at Bill but he got clobbered for it and quickly taken out.

Big Bill def. Vary Morales via pinfall

After, Medium Rick took the mic and he said Vary reminded him of a young Steamboat. So, to remind him what he did to Steamboat, he started whipping him. He’s not feeling it, though, so he promises to have a bigger strap next week. Then he goes back to whipping Vary.

Refs rush the ring, and off goes Starks and Bill.

Ruby Soho lays down a challenge for the TBS championship for All Out in a backstage promo.

Willow Nightingale vs. Robyn Renegade

Robyn gets thrown early, headlock, noogie, thrown again. She gets some offense on Willow, but when she shoots off the ropes she gets tackled. A big elbow follow up into a splash with a smile for two. Three Amigos reversed on the last one, into the fisherman’s suplex for two.

Chops on the ropes, shot off and Renegade ditches.

Commercial break.

Back from the longest break ever and Willow is heating up. She throws ass in the corner, a takeover. Shoot off to the ropes into a spinebuster for two on a stack cover. Robyn fights her way back. Hits a missile dropkick for two.

She knocks Willow to the outside. Willow proceeds to hit a suplex on both sisters.

Back in the ring, she hits the powerbomb to send it home.

Willow Nightingale def. Robyn Renegade via pinfall

Kris Statlander is asked to answer Ruby Soho’s challenge. She says if Ruby wants to act like a child, she’s going to get treated like one and put in timeout. She’s tired of The Outcasts, tired of being disrespected, and she’s so tired of being called out she’s going to take Soho down at All out.

Keith Lee vs. Zicky Dice

They play to the crowd to start, with “bask in his glory” chants and Dice pushing him when getting upset about it. Dice antagonizes him and Lee rocks him with a lariat. Dice comes back with some shots but gets tackled big time coming off the ropes. He swings at air, gets nothing, and Lee just slams him to finish it off.

Keith Lee def. Zicky Dice

Samoa Joe hits the ring for a promo.

He says he’s surprised at AEW officials sometimes. Instead of staying in the back, he wanted to come out, offer his services ringside at commentary where everyone can keep an eye on him. And despite how CM Punk launched a surprise attack last week, he’ll remain professional. He’s a man who is satisified, he’s gotten what he needs, and he promises not to interfere.

Time for the main event, an All In All Star 8-Man Tag Team match.

Hook & Darby Allin & Sting & CM Punk vs. Jay White & Luchasaurus & Brian Cage & Swerve Strickland

Swerve goes back and forth with Punk. White comes in for a big staredown and a lot of hype before working over to the corner and getting Hook in. The babyfaces take turns going after Luchasaurus in the corner, with Sting having a go and the crowd loving it. Finally, Luchasaurus takes control and that’s when they go into the first commercial break.

Back from break and Punk plays the babyface in peril, taking a bunch of offense from Swerve. He finally gets to Hook for the tag and Hook goes to work just throwing Strickland all around. The heels gang up on Hook and get him out, taking control to get to another commercial break.

Back and Hook still getting beat on by Brian Cage, who was literally doing bicep curls with that man. Insane. Hook can’t get the hot tag, cause Cage knocked everyone off and kept on the attack. Hook countered him and got to Punk for the tag. He ran wild on everyone feeding for him.

Punk hits the flying elbow, but the GTS gets stopped by a referee distraction. The match breaks down and people start hitting their finishes, eventually leaving us with Cage and Allin. Cage absolutely tosses Darby all around. Punk back in and he hits Cage with the GTS, then locks in the sleeper and stares at Joe.

That’ll do it.

Hook & Darby Allin & Sting & CM Punk def. Jay White & Luchasaurus & Brian Cage & Swerve Strickland via submission

Joe hops the ring to attack Punk while Jack Perry comes down to battle Hook. Brawls break out everywhere, with everyone fighting everyone else. A Pier 6 brawl!

That’s the show.


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