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Renee Paquette is having a bad day

Today is not going well for AEW backstage interviewer Renee Paquette.

This all started when she tried to do her job and get a word with Eddie Kingston as one of his All In Stadium Stampede was being loaded into an ambulance. The injury that led to Fenix’s trip to the hospital was a crowbar to the head by the Blackpool Combat Club. You know, the same BCC that’s led by her husband Jon Moxley.

So Eddie was clearly in a mood about it all, which led to a rather tense moment between Kingston & Paquette.

Even if her husband weren’t one of the reasons Fenix was on his way to the local medical facility hospital, that may not have been the best time to get a word in with an emotional Kingston.

Then there was the sit-down conversation she had with Adam Cole. This was a rather innocent conversation until Renee included videos of Cole disparaging his “best friend” MJF or threatening to attack him.

Cole was not happy with what he perceived to be gotcha journalism and stormed off the set.

At least no one got too aggressive during her Young Bucks/FTR interview.

Sometimes it’s just not your day and that applies to Ms. Paquette here. Yes, she probably should have treaded lightly around Eddie given the severity of what happened with Fenix and the fact she’s hardly an impartial observer in that situation. But Cole shouldn’t have gotten a free pass and those questions should have been asked. He just couldn’t take it.

Luckily, Renee, every day is a new day to try again.

I just hope one of these days, you don’t crap you pants.

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