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Jungle Boy has a good reason for ditching ‘Tarzan Boy’ theme song

Jack Perry is shedding his Jungle Boy image, and that includes ditching the beloved, “Tarzan Boy,” theme song. Perry chatted with RJ City on Hey (EW!) to discuss why he went to a different musical direction.

Perry is working heel in the interview, but his answers could very easily be real. The root of his logic is understandable, even though, it is expressed rudely.

RJ City: You used to come out to, “Tarzan Boy,” by Baltimora. Why’d you stop?

Jack Perry: I just got sick of it to be honest. It’s pretty embarrassing for me as a grown man now walking through the airport and some fucking buffoon over here just starts singing out the song and waving his hands. And I have to acknowledge it, otherwise, it’s mean. It’s just like, at this point, it’s like, dude, let’s leave it alone.

City: It’s a bad song.

Perry: I think so too.

City: Yes! It’s horrible.

Perry: Yeah.

City: So, my theory is wrestling fans like anything that let’s them go, “Oh.” Any, “Oh.” They’re all over it, “Oh, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.” The song is terrible, and you using it was single-handedly propping up the 80’s Italian new wave disco scene. Okay?

Perry: Yeah. I think there’s a reason those guys were one-hit wonders, and I think they should be thanking me for everything I did for the song. So, you’re welcome.

The conversation to Perry’s current theme song and why he selected that piece of music. This answer is clearly in character.

City: You now are using Beethoven’s Symphony #5. Not the Lou Bega version. A song that I once told (Wheeler) Yuta to use on this very show, and he laughed in my face. So, thank you for taking it seriously. What do you like about the song?

Perry: I’ll tell you what. After Baltimora, I think there had kind of been a precedent set. I think I may have been the first person in AEW to have a real expensive song as their song. And when it came time to switch it, pretty much what it came down to is, I said, “Tony (Khan), I want the most expensive piece of music that you can find.” And he told me, he assured me, that that was it. So, we went for it.

Check out the full conversation touching on topics including becoming a wrestler instead of an actor, the Twitter account Jungle Boy’s Dick admiring his bulge, the Four Pillars moniker, vomiting before big matches, and more.

If you’re wondering where that Hey! (EW) sign came from for the low-budget show after MJF burned down the set, the answer is the generosity of Adam Cole and allegedly Max.

Let’s close with singing, “Tarzan Boy,” one last time. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, jungle life, I’m far away from nowhere, on my own like Tarzan Boy.

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