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RVD arrives in AEW to deal with ECW-hater Jack Perry

Jungle Boy Jack Perry wasn’t content to just screw HOOK out of the belt his dad created in ECW, he also decided to rundown the legacy of ECW and everyone who wrestled for that company. AEW & ROH producer Jerry Lynn cut him off last Wednesday, and Perry gave him a week to get ready to take an ass-kicking.

That brought us to Aug. 2’s 200th episode of Dynamite. Rumors went around earlier today about AEW bringing in a big ECW name for this angle. Sure enough, when Lynn hit the stage in Tampa he made it clear he would never be cleared to get physical at this point in his career. He called a friend who would though... WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam! Complete with his ECW entrance!

Perry bailed on facing the Whole F’n Show face-to-face, but when Lynn and RVD hit the ring he tried a sneak attack. Van Dam sniffed that out, but missed a Van Daminator counter. Jack then did the most heel-ish thing he’s done in his brief heel career... used a child as a human shield.

No “is All Elite” tweet from Tony Khan, so presumably Van Dam is here for a limited amount of time. Also no word yet on when RVD and Jack Perry will go one-on-one, but AEW does have a big show in London’s Wembley Stadium coming up later this month...

UPDATE: Later on in tonight’s broadcast, Rob Van Dam challenged Perry to an FTW title match. He also hinted he might retire the belt if he wins it.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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